Self-confessed Robredo voter reacts after ‘palit-ulo’ allegation: Today is the day I finally and irrevocably lost faith in Leni Robredo

She is a staunch defender of Pres. Duterte on social media but I never knew she voted for Robredo in the May election until today.

On Facebook, Krizette Laureta Chu wrote: “Today is the day I finally and irrevocably lost faith in Leni Robredo. I know I fiercely criticize her a lot, I think she’s dimwitted. I regret voting for her.”

Until the video of Robredo making new accusation against Duterte’s war on drugs appeared, Ms. Chu said she held this tiny hope that Robredo would snap out of the LP spell one day.

Watch the video below.

VP Robredo sa pamamagitan ng recorded video na ipalalabas sa a…

May bagong paandar c VP Leni Robredo, Palit-Ulo daw….
Mas okay kung Palit VP cguro….
Say ninyo mga Ka DDS

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Senator Alan Peter Cayetano Supporters (y)

Posted by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano Supporters on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

“But in my heart of hearts, I held out a very faint hope that Leni Robredo will one day snap out of the hypnosis LP has put her under.

I held out hope that maybe she just had different values than I do–maybe she really does believe they are EJKs, maybe she was just stupid enough to believe in Leila de Lima, maybe she was–having been a Bicol-based wife–insulated from the reality of drugs that she couldn’t accept Duterte’s statistics.”

Chu said she never attacked Robredo personally out of respect.

“Anyone can scroll through my account and not once will you see a post re her alleged pregnancy or anything about her private life. I never dissed Leni personally.”

Chu narrated that pro-Duterte bloggers knew that Robredo had a spot on her heart.

“Even some of the pro-Duterte bloggers I regularly communicate with know of this reservation: I ask them, “May puwede pa bang magawa si Leni para makabawi?” And they tell me no. And when they say that I feel just a tiny frisson of disappointment.”

However, after Leni Robredo posted a video making allegations that the police are using a ‘palit-ulo’ strategy in Duterte’s war on drugs, Chu had a total change of heart.

“Today I realized, like a ton of bricks hitting my head, that Leni has no redeeming qualities at all. NONE.

Leni is not just a puppet, or a misinformed but pure hearted person who believes that Duterte is a criminal.

Leni is a shrewd, malicious, greedy politician. Im late to the party, arent I? Mapagbigay kasi ako ng chance. But she’s not clueless, she is a willing participant to this entire plot.

Because only a shrewd, malicious, greedy politician will think of telling the world what is wrong with your countryrather than telling the authorities who can actually do something about it.

If you really want this country to be better–even if the credit goes to Duterte–then you would have told people about “palit ulo” before. You sat on this “info” and used it–erroneously–for what? So you can have leverage?

King ina, kaya mong alam mo na may ganyan, pero wala kang ginagawa o pinagsasabihan? KASI THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. YOU ARE ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR OWN GOALS.
Wala kang concern sa Pilipinas!

As if. As if naman you will last three days as President of the PH. Alam nating lahat na hindi 16m ang votes ni Duterte. 21 million. And that’s a small number because there are so many supporters who didn’t register.

Hindi niyo kami kaya. Kung kaya niyo kami, sana matagal na. Destabilization plot is A FAILURE, just like everything you touch.

What are you so atat for? To have the chance to be the country’s most hated, shortest-serving President ever?

King ina, break na talaga tayo, and for once, for all, forever. I HATE YOU. Wala ng chance chance. I will call for your ouster without reservations. Sobra ka na. Namimimihasa ka na. Anong tingin mo sa aming mga Pilipinong bumoto kay Duterte, WALANG KARAPATAN? Sino ka?! Sino kayong lahat para mag decide na kayo dapat ang nakaupo sa puwesto?


PPS: Kaya kita binoto kasi ayaw ko kay Marcos at I didnt think Cayetano had a chance. Akala ko totoong tao ka kahit ang bagal mo sumagot ng interview questions. SHET.”

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