Self-confessed Sharonian hits back at Megastar Sharon for dissing Sara, telling her to find own color because green is theirs?

ATE SHAWIE, AND I AM SAYING THIS WITH MUCH RESTRAINT, an apparently piqued Atty. Bruce Rivera warned Sharon Cuneta to open his reaction FB post.

Sharon Cuneta has been a magnet of controversy once again after telling a politician that the color green is theirs. In other words, Sharon wants him or her to go and find its color.

The megastar did not name names but if you’ve been very observant, Sara Duterte has been using green as her official color in public appearances.

Atty. Bruce Rivera, Sara Duterte’s close friend and classmate in San Beda College of Law, began by telling Sharon that taking a swipe at Sara, who idolized her, was foul especially after everything. He said that he also idolized Sharon that is why he is exercising restraint.

It is okey if you stand by your husband kasi that is what wives are supposed to do but you cannot take a swipe at Inday Sara especially after everything. Idol ka nung tao tapos ganito. I do not like Kiko but we idolize you so I have to exercise restraint.

Atty. Rivera conceded that the megastar seems to have been afflicted with the Stockholm Syndrome and Shrek was her captor.

Kaso, parang Stockholm Syndrome na kasi eh. Shrek captured you and now you are Fiona. And that is perfectly fine.

Atty. Rivera said just because Kiko took green as a color gave her the license to push their buttons and then joked that even the Girl Scouts did not brag since its founder was the first to wear green.

But just because Kiko took green as a color dati, you do not have to push our buttons. Hindi nga nagyabang ang Girls Scout eh mas nauna sina Josefa Llanes Escoda na gamitin ang Green. Paano na ang Green Revolution, Green Hornets, Greenwich, Green Thumb, Greenland at Green Eyed Monster kung isusumbat mong nauna si Kiko sa green.

Meron pa, Greenhorn, Green Green Grass, Green Lantern, Green Tea, Green Jokes, at Green Cross Rubbing Alcohol. NAKU, may berde pa, Atty. Rivera added.

Atty. Rivera said if there was something that Sharon should need to have patented, it must be her husband’s eyebags because it has its own character.

Ang dapat mong i-patent ay ang eyebags ng asawa mo kasi may sariling character. Hindi nga natin alam kung parte siya ng mata o nagsecede na ito at naghimagsik. Pwede niyo gawing slogan sa kampanya yan.

Atty. Rivera went on to suggest a campaign slogan using her husband’s eyebags as an inspiration.

Kiko, Walang Pahinga, Kita sa Mata!!

Kiko, Magsisilbi sa Bayan, Walang Tulugan.

Kiko, Uunlad ang Bayan kung Eyebags ang Ulam.


Source: Bruce Rivera

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