Self-quarantine? No problem says these newlyweds despite cutting short their honeymoon, husband does it amid covid-19 scare for family & community

The newlyweds, especially the girl, decided to post the photo of her husband to encourage everyone who have traveled to an inflicted area to go on a self-quarantine to spare family members and the community, especially the elderly and the sick from the virus.

In a Facebook post, Grethel Herrera from Zamboanga said they decided to post the photo of her husband to remove the mentality that once a person is quarantined he/she is “nakakadiri” or “OA”.

Herrera prefaced the FB post with a short intro to give socmed an idea why they have to do it despite him not showing any signs of covid-19.

This is my husband. He has just arrived from Quezon City. He is on self-quarantine.
Is he sick? No.
Is he inflicted with COVID19? NO.
Cough? NONE.
Fever? NONE.
Headache? NONE.
Does he have a family? YES.”

Herrera explained that doing self-quarantine was hard for their part because they just got married last December and by January, his husband had to leave for Manila for an unnamed reason. She said their one month honeymoon was not enough but they had to do this for their family and the community. “We just got married last December and he has to leave for Manila on January. If we are talking about honeymooning, certainly, that one month honeymoon is not enough. Words cant describe how much i want to hold him after being apart. But we have to make this little sacrifice for our family and community.”

Herrera reasoned that they are taking this precautionary measure because an inflicted person may not be showing any signs of the virus but he or she is capable of passing it on to another individual, in this case their family. “As you may already know, an inflicted person may be a carrier of the virus without showing any symptom. He is not sick. But he could, PROBABLY, carry it and infect our family.”

Herrera asked if she is being selfish? Her answer is “NO” because if she also get the virus from her husband, no one will take provide and take care of the family. Besides, they are staying in a house with two elderlies and a child with cardiac problem. “Am i selfish for being afraid of getting the virus? NO. Once I stay with him, i am already exposed and might carry the virus as well. Then, i should also be quarantined. I could no longer help my family outside and stay with the kids. We stay in a house with a 60 and 59 year-old elders, 2-year-old with cardiac problem and a year-old cutie girl, who are easy victims of the virus. Also, I cannot report to work as i can carry the virus to my co-workers and everyone i meet.”

Herrera explained how the virus traveled from one place to the other by someone who traveled to an area where there is a known infection. That someone may not exhibit the symptoms once he returned to his family and resume their lives without apprehension, not knowing he has the virus in his system. “The virus does not just pop out. It has a source. The person who travelled from an inflicted area could be a source. Due to the suspension of travel to and fro manila, many people have already left metro manila, an already inflicted area. They go home to their family without any symptom and live their lives without apprehension.”

Herrera hoped that people will start to realize that no amount of man-made contraptions or concoctions can save them from the virus if someone sitting next to you at home has traveled to an area with positive covid-19 infections and could be a carrier. “I hope people realize that no amount of mask, alcohol, lysol, bactidol can save you from the virus if the one you are sitting with at home has travelled to an inflicted area, and could be a carrier.”

Herrera then turned to her fellow ZamboangeƱos who arrived from an inflicted area to consider self-quarantine and remove the mentality that once a person is quarantined he/she is ‘nakakadiri’ or “OA”. “To the zamboangeƱos who arrived from an inflicted area, please consider self-quarantine. The city has no positive CoVID19 yet. But if we remain careless, i hope we still not have it. It would be useless for one person to be quarantined if everyone who came from the same place are outside. Let us remove the mentality that once a person is quarantined he/she is “nakakadiri” or “OA”. And if you find yourself one of those who needs to be quarantined, please think that you are actually helping the community fight this pandemic.”

Herrera wrapped the FB post with a romantic message to her husband. She also leave an encouraging words to those who are in self-quarantine. “May this post give strength to those who are in self-quarantine, especially my husband. You are not OA. You are selfless. I am proud of you. I will wait for you in the outside world after 14 days. I have waited 8 years to be wedded with you, 14 days is nothing. 😘😘😘”

Grethel Herrera’s post has since gone very viral after she posted it on Facebook, generating 24,000+ shares, 30,000+ reactions and 4,400+ comments and counting.

Netizens commented that the photo elicited mixed emotions from her. “Nakakalungkot kung isisipin na hindi mo mahawakan man lng ang mahal mo. Pero mas nakakahanga ang pagiging reponsableng mamamayan. Ganyan dapat. “

Another netizen commented that it just shows how they love each other. “A little sacrifice for a big love they have for each other❤️😢”

This netizen praised the couple for being responsible. “You are a very responsible and selfless person…sana all parehas sa inyo!”

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Source: Grethel Herrera

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