Sen. Bam Aquino claims ownership of free college education bill. Legal Interests Philippines debunks Bam’s claim!

So, re-electionist Senator Bam Aquino has been going around the country telling claiming sole ownership of the free education bill.


Well, judging by the tarpaulin hanging in the entrance of Bukidnon State University six days ago, what do you make of this?

No matter how I look at it, Bam Aquino is telling the public he is God’s gift to the parents and college students for the free college education in state universities and colleges.

Bam Aquino’s ploy reminds me of Loida Lewis’ pet line, “It doesn’t have to be true, it just needs to LOOK LIKE THAT”. Di ba Bam?

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But thanks to Facebook, the internet and Legal Interests Philippines! Sen. Bam Aquino’s “pabida” or “papogi” moves won’t prosper in the age of social media. Har har har!

The Senate Bill No. 1304 aka The Free Higher Education for All Act was filed on January 23, 2017 by senators Recto, Ralph G., Villanueva, Joel, Ejercito, Joseph Victor G., Aquino IV, Paolo Benigno “Bam”, Gatchalian, Sherwin T., Pangilinan, Francis N., Angara, Juan Edgardo “Sonny” M., Legarda, Loren B., De Lima, Leila M., Villar, Cynthia A., Zubiri, Juan Miguel F., Gordon, Richard J.

According to Legal Interests Philippines or LIP for short, Sen. Bam Aquino couldn’t be the main author of Senate Bill No. 1304, enacted as RA 10931 also known as the FREE HIGHER EDUCATION FOR ALL ACT. Here’s why!

The Free Higher Education for All Act or RA 10931 took a circuitous route before it became a reality.

In fact, the House Bill No. 5633 or Universal Free Education Act of the lower house is the unified version of 58 different bills filed by different house representatives, spanning several presidents.

Senate Bill No. 1304 aka The Free Higher Education for All Act is a product of the deliberations of senators who studied and debated House Bill No. 5633 from the lower house.

LIP remarked that it’s highly unlikely Sen. Bam Aquino can claim sole ownership to Senate Bill No. 1304 aka The Free Higher Education for All Act because a senate bill requires majority vote before they send it to the President for approval.

LIP argued that before Bam Aquino became a senator, 58 house bills were filed, not to mention the senate versions but none succeeded, if there was one, past presidents vetoed it.

A veto is a president’s prerogative.

President Rodrigo Duterte could have vetoed the Senate Bill 1304 just like the presidents before him but he signed it instead.

And the rest, they say is history.

Note: On June 30, 2016, Sen. Bam Aquino filed Senate Bill No. 177 (Free Higher Education For All Act) seeking to provide full tuition fee for all students enrolled in state universities and colleges (SUCs).

LIP insists Bam Aquino’s Senate Bill No. 177 is not Senate Bill No. 1304.

Do you why Bam Aquino’s senate colleagues rejected it?

Bam Aquino forgot to include the financial aspect and no way Duterte would sign Bam Aquino’s Senate Bill No. 177, if indeed his colleagues approved his version and let him take the credit and bask in glory.

Senate Bill 1304 sponsored by majority of senators did not even get Duterte’s nod because it lacks the financial aspect. Meaning, they did not include the funding part.

Duterte rejected it and told them to include the financial aspect.

Likewise, Duterte instructed the lawmakers to create to committees: education finance.

Had the finance committee failed to find where to get the funding, the president won’t sign Senate Bill 1304.

FYI, Bam Aquino was a member of the education committee, not the finance committee.

So there you go. Do you still think Bam Aquino is correct to claim ownership of The Free Higher Education for All Act or RA 10931 after this?

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Source: Legal Interests Philippines

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