Sen. Joel Villanueva’s statement comparing Gen. Parlade to “rotten apple” draws flak from netizens

“Bugok kasi at mahilig lang mang epal…”

This is the initial reaction of radio host and blogger Mark Lopez on Sen. Joel Villanueva’s statement which signals a softening of his hardline stance versus the NTF-ELCAC but remain hostile to Spox Lt. Gen. Parlade.

Lopez remarked the senators want to punish an excellent government program seeking to end a 50-year communist insurgency problem simply because, to borrow Lopez’s words, “di lang sa hindi kayo makaporma kay General”.

“Dahil lang sa hindi kayo makaporma kay General eh titirahin nyo yung napakagandang programa para mahinto na ang 50 years na panggagago ng mga pekeng komunista.”

Lopez can’t help but notice that senators are now singing a different tune.

“Ngayon kambyo at babawi, at gagawing personal na issue si Gen. Parlade…”

Kamote!” Lopez said of the likes of Villanueva.

An apparently annoyed Lopez remarked that Villanueva and company are the kind of politicians undeserving to be given another chance.

Itong mga ganitong TRAPO ang dapat hindi na puedeng umulit ha…

BTW, Lopez was incensed by Villanueva’s statement announcing the filing of senate reso to assess NTF-ELCAC. Mr. Parlade, Villanueva said, has been a disappointment but a rotten apple does not make a bad tree.

judging by the comments of netizens on Lopez’s thread, it appears that Lopez isn’t alone in expressing in condemning Villanueva and company and Parlade has the support of socmed.

“Parlade have accomplished more than all of you rotten senators combined; doing what he was assigned to do. Eradicate CPP-NPA!” wrote one netizen.

“You likened Gen Parlade to a rotten apple? Senator,sa iyo yata nababagay ang salitang yan!” a second netizen commented

This netizen asked why Villanueva is still in the senate when the Ombudsman ordered him dismissed from office. “Bkt nasa senate pa yan dismissed nayan sya sa Ombudsman?”

“Villanueva u got d nerve to pinpoint Parlade a rotten apple im sure its u not him convicted for corruptions sayang lng pasahod ng taxpayers money sa inyo better abolish dat senate mga wlang ambag sa govt puro batikos Jas wait n see Ntl election ur all out trapos polilticians” wrote another.

BTW, as of this writing, Lopez FB post has generated 2,000+ reactions, 92 shares and 395 comments and counting.


Source: Mark Lopez

Bugok kasi at mahilig lang mang epal… Dahil lang sa hindi kayo makaporma kay General eh titirahin nyo yung…

Posted by MARK MY WORD by Mark Lopez on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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