Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s attempt to play hero for Filipino fishermen in WPS fizzles out quickly after netizen’s brilliant rebuttal on Twitter

On Twitter, Senator Kiko Pangilinan lamented that Vietnam and Indonesia have been asserting the rights of their fishermen for decades amid China’s illegal incursion into their territorial waters and yet war did not erupt between China and the two Asian countries.

The ever eloquent DDS blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes did not pass up the opportunity to embarrass Sharon Cuneta’s husband how his LP allies led by ex-President Noynoy Aquino did nothing except lodged a complaint when in 2012, Filipino fishermen were unable to fish in the West Philippine Sea because the Chinese Coast Guards water-cannoned them.

Reyes added that in 2016, the fate of our fishermen changed for the better and allowed to return to fish freely in the WPS.

Reyes asked Pangilinan who fought and talked to China that did not led to war? “Duterte,” Reyes answered.

Reyes wasn’t done yet.

On Facebook, Reyes wrote an open letter addressed to Mr. Cuneta aka Kiko Pangilinan to tell the senator he does not have the monopoly of good intention and patriotism. Ouch!

Reyes then refreshed Pangilinan’s memory that after PRRD’s China visit from October 18-21 where he met Chinese President Xi,, the FIlipino fishermen have been fishing at the Scarborough Shoal uninterrupted.

Reyes remarked that since the Chinese Navy seized the atoll in April 2012, Filipino fishermen have been forcefully shooed away by Chinese authorities. In some instances, the Chinese Coast Guard used water cannon against Filipino fishermen.

Reyes ended the open letter with two questions to serve as a clue to help Pangilinan understand what PRRD is doing.

Reyes remarked that it takes a wise man to understand how PRRD is trying to handle the delicate situation.

Of course, Reyes punctuated the open letter with a line that should sting a bit if Kiko gets Reyes’ gist.

You may start reading MJ Reyes’ full FB post below.

Dear Senator Pangilinan:

Sir, allow me to remind you this:

You do not have the monopoly of good intention & patriotism nor have you exhibited as much brilliance, wisdom, & courage as that of our current President.

Let me refresh your memory with the following excerpts:

“The Filipino fishermen’s uninterrupted fishing activities at the Scarborough Shoal resumed immediately after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s Oct. 18-21 visit to China, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders.

From the time China seized the triangular coral atoll in April 2012, marking the start of its renewed aggressive assertion of its claims in disputed territories in the South China Sea, Filipino fishermen have been forcefully shooed away by Chinese authorities. In some instances, the Chinese Coast Guard used water cannon against Filipino fishermen.

The restriction was also applied to Philippine authorities on certain occasions.

An international tribunal ruled in July this year that the shoal is a traditional fishing ground for various nationalities.”

It’s very clear how bully they can be.

Now let me try to help you understand what the current President is trying to do by asking you these questions (to serve as clues):

Bakit sa tingin mo dini-dribble ni PRRD ang isyu sa China habang bini-BFF naman niya ang mga kasalukuyang presidente ng Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, US at iba pa?

At habang minamaliit nyo ang Pangulo, bakit sa tingin mo hinahangaan at nirerespeto siya ng mga ASEAN leaders ngayon?

Surely, it takes wise men and women to understand how our President is trying to handle this situation. I can only hope you’re among them.


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