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Sen. Migz Zubiri tests positive for covid-19, uses occasion to call Filipinos to to stay home, heed government warnings

As the title says, Sen. Migz Zubiri has announced with sadness that he is found positive for covid-19 which DOH Secretary Duque personally called him to break the bad news.

Zubiri said the news made his heart sank but found solace that he is asymptomatic or showing no signs or symptoms of the virus. In other words, he does not have fever, cough or cold nor weak.

Zubiri recalled having been of the firsts in the senate to preach for stronger government response, very careful with dealings with the people he met and even practiced social distancing and no handshake policy and yet he got the virus.

In light of this, Zubiri realized how easily this virus is spread. That is why he is urging everyone to stay home and avoid infecting other people by not following the self-quarantine rule.

Zubiri hoped that by stepping forward, how dangerously infectious this virus is. He ended the FB post enjoining Filipinos to heed government warnings by staying home.

You may read full FB post below.

To my dear fellow Filipinos, my Kababayans.

It is with sadness that i announce that I am positive for Covid 19. I had a test taken last Friday while on self quarantine and this afternoon i received a call from Sec. Duque on my condition.

My heart sank with what he had said but Im uplifted with the fact that i am asymptomatic and have no fever or cough nor am i weak or have any headaches.

My decision to self quarantine last Wednesday evening after session was the best decision i made and could have protected my Family from contamination.

As one of those very early on in the Senate who espoused and advocated for stronger Government response on controlling Covid 19, i was very careful in my dealings with people at work in the Senate. I practiced social distancing as well as a no handshake policy but yet i got contaminated.

How, i do not know. This just goes to show how easily this virus is spread and therefore it is best for everyone to stay home and stay clean. As for me i will stay locked in isolation for 10 more days until i get checked once again with hopefully a negative result.

I hope my coming out will show how dangerously infectious this virus is. Sa aking mga Kababayans, makinig po tayo sa mga babala nang Gobyerno at wag na po kayo lumabas sa inyong mga tahanan. God bless us all

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Source: Migz Zubiri

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