Sen. Miriam Santiago files COC, runs for President in 2016

After the announcement of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he is not running for President, Senator Miriam Santiago as if on cue, just filed her certificate of candidacy and will vie for the Presidential position in 2016.

This was revealed by a follower on Twitter. But this is not confirmed yet. What is certain is that the Senator from Iloilo will be running for President to provide an alternative to voters who are not keen on voting on any of the three candidates who already made a declaration of their intention to run.

The announcement was made today during a book signing event.

Check it here:

Earlier today, the ABS-CBN News announced on Twitter that Senator Senator Santiago will be filing her COC. The other TV news network also made a similar announcement.

The Senator also hinted she will be joining forces with a VP candidate who already made an announcment to run for Vice President.

Meanwhile, the Senator’s move to run for President was well received by her followers on twitter. Check out their tweets below:

This tweet is an obvious dig to a neophyte candidate running for President:

Do you think Senator Senator Santiago can win it all?