“Sen. Pacquiao at Sen. Pimentel nagmukhang mga engot, tanga at bobo sa mismong senate hearing on power supply” — Jay Sonza

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza heckled Senators Pacquiao and Pimentel for looking like dumb and stupid during the senate hearing on power supply.

“Sen. Pacquiao at Sen. Pimentel nagmukhang mga engot, tanga at bobo sa mismong senate hearing on power supply.”

Sonza made such remarks when it was learned that the Energy Dept. isn’t the cause of the problem of brownouts.

It can be recalled that Energy Sec. Cusi has been the subject of bitter criticism by Pacquiao and Pimentel via their respective privilege speeches.

“Banat ng banat noon kay Sec. Cusi sa pamamagitan ng privilege speech, e, wala naman pala ang problema sa Department of Energy.”

Sonza can be gleaned gloating at the public humiliation suffered by the two senators. For sure, Pimentel and Pacquiao did not study or did their research, Sonza said.

“Palibhasa hindi nag-aaral o nananaliksik (research) ang mga tinamaan ng lintek. O, ayan ang napala ninyo. E, di napahiya pa kayo.”

Sonza said that Pacquiao and Pimentel had this coming because they want to steal all the thunder to themselves. Sonza quipped that having a bar topnotcher and someone like Pacman as team is a challenging task.

“Puro kasi pabida itong si Pacquiao at Pimentel. Ang hirap palang pagsamahin ang isang bar topnotch at isang ewan.”

Sonza’s FB post has been found to be entertaining as more than 50% of 8,500 reactions it generated were mostly “laugh” emojis from netizens.

By the way, to give you an idea why Sonza called the Pimentel-Pacquiao tandem dumb and stupid, let me borrow the FB post of 1dangkal ni JP and read:

“Today, in the Senate Hearing pertaining to the Luzon Grid power outages, Pimentel is acting dumb- asking Cusi where consumers can inquire about brown outs. Koko, you are a bar topnotcher. Use your kokote- siyempre sa power distributor mo! In your case, MERALCO!

Cusi presented that the problem the senator was complaining about is not a generation or even a transmission issue. It was a distribution issue- which is first under MERALCO and if not acted upon by MERALCO- it would fall under the regulation of the ERC. Secondary line po ang nasira- wire lang, di po trabaho ng DOE ang mga kawad at transformer.

Under EPIRA, the law regulating the entire power industry, there are four sectors: Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply. The ERC as an independent body with quasi- judicial powers, regulates the Distributors. Not the DOE Koko. Next time, use your coconut!”



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