Senator-elect Robin Padilla tells veteran journo ‘who says blogging is not journalism…it’s cheap’ to read the Constitution

A veteran journo who snickered on the idea of vloggers/bloggers covering the Malacanang press briefings, together with mainstream media reporters as per announcement of the incoming PCOO Secretary Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles has earned the scorn of Senator-elect Robin Padilla.

Vergel Santos said that blogging is journalism. In fact, he described blogging “cheap” because one need not train for it.

Meanwhile, journalism is governed by ethical standards. Their work go through layers of specialist vetting for truthfulness and fairness, before being out for all the public to see.

In that regard, Senator-elect Robin Padilla cannot let the opportunity to pass without reacting to the condescending remarks of the veteran journo against vlogger/bloggers covering Malacanang press briefings.

Senator-elect Padilla wrote that having vloggers/bloggers in Malacanang press briefings isn’t about journalism but about freedom of expression.

Senator-elect Padilla said that when we start identifying what is superior and inferior that’s when freedom goes straight to the garbage bin.

Senator-elect Padilla urged the veteran journo to read the Constitution because it does not state who is educated or not, who has a network or does not have.

The newly-minted senator defended incoming Marcos administration’s intention to give vloggers accreditation to the Malacanang press corps because it is a right of every Filipino as long as it doesn’t violate any law or right of someone else.

Besides, Malacanang is directly owned by the people.

As long as law and order is observe, everyone should be welcome.

Everyone deserves to know the truth, Senator-elect Padilla said in an emphatic tone.

You may now read Robin Padilla’s original FB post below.

Sir it’s not about journalism
It’s about Freedom of expression
When we start to identify what is superior and inferior
Freedom goes straight to the garbage can
Read The constitution
It does not say anything about who is educated or not
Who has a network o does not have
It is a right that every Filipino should enjoy as long as it doesn’t violate any law or right of someone else
Malacañang or any other government institutions are directly owned by the people.
As long as there is law and order
Everyone should be welcome
Everyone deserves to know the truth.


Source: Robin Padilla

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