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Senator Imee Marcos proposal to give government jobs to ‘Pinklawan personalities’ not received well by some Marcos loyalists. Read why!

Just recently, Senator Imee Marcos made a remark that she is in favor of giving government post to ‘Pinklawan’ personalities in the administration of his brother President-elect Bongbong Marcos.

The senator said that this is in line with the ”UNITY” mantra of the incoming administration.

Meanwhile, Marcos loyalist and US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora isn’t keen on the idea of Senator Imee Marcos.

In a Facebook post, Jamora expressed strong opposition to the idea of giving jobs to ‘Pinklawan personalities’ under the incoming Marcos administration because like he said, showing kindness to the snake doesn’t mean the snake won’t bite you when opportunity strikes.

Jamora talked about President-elect BBM missing the chance of serving the country better by appointing a competent technocrats in favor of an incompetent one just to live up to a campaign post.

If it can’t be help in order to stay true to the promise of political unity, Jamora kind of relent by agreeing to give a government job to a ‘Pinklawan’ as long as it is offered to a more deserving one.

Jamora ended the brief FB post by leaving us with the dictum, Respect isn’t given, but earned.

You may now read Edwin Jamora’s original FB post below.

Just because you were kind to the snake doesn’t mean that the snake would no longer bite you.

Na-gets ang Reyna, mga friend?!

You miss the chance of serving the country better by appointing competent technocrats when you have to give a post to an incompetent one all because of a political campaign post.

If you really must exercise unity, let is be offered to more a deserving Opposition.

Respect isn’t given. It is earned.

It’s still a NO, for me.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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