Senator Jinggoy Estrada wants to ban K-dramas in Philippine TV stations? Influencer says ban proposal is petty, will do more harm than good

ICYMI, Senator Jinggoy Estrada is floating the idea of banning K-Drama on Philippine television.

The senator from San Juan figured that Filipino actors are losing their jobs and income to Korea telenovelas so to remedy the situation, banning of K-dramas and promoting Filipino films and what not will do the trick.

As expected, Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal to ban K-dramas is in for a tough opposition from K-drama crazed Pinoys.

Influencer Harold Tan wasted no time in shooting down Senator Jinggoy’s idea, calling it “petty”, disguised as protecting the welfare of Filipino film industry.

Tan cited 2 reasons why the senator’s proposal is bound to fail. 1. there is a lack of Filipino TV programs thus local TV stations content teams came up with the idea of importing foreign SOAP dramas to fill the gaps before the late evening news. 2. Banning K-dramas will not help local TV stations who are struggling to keep their audience share especially in urbanized and highly urbanized areas in the country where internet speeds are good enough to stream online contents.

In short, banning K-dramas will actually do more harm than good.

You may now read Harold Tan’s original FB post below.

That senator from San Juan has far too much time on his hands. Proposing to ban Korean drama on free TV is so petty, in the guise of giving Filipino actors and directors jobs by producing more Filipino TV series. K-drama crazed Pinoys will simply move on and get their dose of K-dramas in English and even in Filipino subtitles.

First, it is because there is a lack of Filipino TV programs, the TV stations content teams decide to have one Korean drama to fill up that one hour slot before the late evening news.

The high ratings and buzz created by Korean dramas dubbed in Flipino became big hits among audiences who raved about them in social media.

Secondly, banning Korean dramas will not help TV stations who are now struggling to keep their audience shares especially in urbanized or highly urbanized areas where Internet speeds are fast enough to stream content.

Viewers who are now hooked to Korean dramas, movies and pop music will merely shift online to get their dose of K-dramas in English and even in Filipino subtitles. So how does banning K-dramas help TV stations?

As for me, I haven’t watched free TV for several years now. I merely get glimpses of news on free TV on YT or FB, but only when the news personalities show so much bias or they make funny faces and boo-boos.

There’s way more entertainment online than on free TV. Banning K-dramas will actually do more harm to free-to-air TV stations.


Source: Harold Tan

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