Senator Juan Ponce Enrile: The petition to disqualify Bongbong Marcos has become moot and academic without a TRO from the Supreme Court

Dubbed the Immortal One by his fans in the internet because of his longevity in Philippine politics, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, one of the brilliant legal luminaries in the country, has shared his coveted legal opinion regarding the petition filed in the Supreme Court by anti-Marcos forces asking to declare his COC void ab initio.

In a Facebook post published on the 21st of May 2022, Senator Enrile said that in the absence of a TRO to Congress to stop the canvassing, the petition has become moot and academic. You may continue reading below and let Senator Enrile explain to you what this means.

The petition to disqualify Bongbong Marcos has become moot and academic without a TRO from the Supreme Court. The High Court has kept faith to its role in our constitutional system. It is the legal balancer and stabilizer in our society. It stood firm against the incorrigible trouble makers in our society. It immediately saw the silly maneuver of the desperate political opposition. Now the road is clear for the formal proclamation by Congress of Bongbong and Sara as the winners in the recent presidential race. Their only recourse will be impeachment , if there is a ground, later on. Even that is nebulous.

bbm and SA

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

One netizen commented expressing his sentiment in congruence with Senator Enrile’s opinion.

Exactly po Atty. The 31 milion individual Votes are the mandates the Majority of Filipino Voters againts the Pinklawans Oligarch they are dreaming in their own trousers and make peee if they dont like to concede…we can stand and say Mabuhay BBM our 17th President and our VP Inday Sara…Mabuhay Pilipinas ang Bagong Lipunan Marcos Parin….

A second netizen also shared the sentiment of the above commenter and Senator Enrile.

The Supreme Court will rule: The people has spoken. 31Million has voted for BBM. A CLEAR MAJORITY.VOX POPULI, VOX DEI. Due to lack of merit, the petition is hereby dismissed.

As of this writing, Senator Enrile’s post has generated 4,600 reactions in just 9 hours and counting.


Source: JP Enrile

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