Senator Kiko Pangilinan got owned on social media after dissing people who renounce dog killing, mum against EJK’s

A senator unwittingly invited trouble after dissing some people whom he accused of being lukewarm against EJK’s but makes a lot of fuss against dog killing.

On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, Senator Kiko Pangilinan posted a rhetorical question to the public on why a dog’s life matters to many people but mum against extra-judicial killings.

“If thousands of our own fellow citizens, human beings like you and me have been killed in less than half a year and yet the vast majority of our people see little or nothing wrong with it, why then should a dog’s life matter?” Senator Pangilinan asked.

Senator Pangilinan’s post garnered 339 shares, 221 comments and an array of more than 3,000 reactions on Facebook.

Netizens who favor the war on drugs campaign has proven to be the thorn on Senator’s throat, forcing the senator to defend himself in the midst of the barrage of attacks from angry Duterte supporters.

Glady V. Rosales writes: All the more reason it matters. The way people treat animals is pretty telling about how they treat others whom they think are inferior to them.

You helped pass the AWA amendment, but you don’t value it that much to care that it’s actually being implemented? h

The comment from Glady must have hit a sensitive nerve that forced Pangilinan to defend himself in the thread.

Kiko Pangilinan says: It was meant to be a rhetorical question Gladys and rhetorical questions are not to be taken literally. Yes all life matters even the ants in the farm and other insects have a crucial role in ensuring our fragile ecosystem remains viable and sustainable.

Franz M. Nadela says: Mr Senator… I’d really like to think that you are a smart person, so perhaps you want to restate your opinion on this matter.

There is no “lesser evil” argument you can push here, and your obvious attempt at a political spin to this tragedy does not speak well of you.

I voted for you Mr. Senator. Don’t make me regret it.

Lisa Rivera laments: They make a big deal out of the dog being killed in the movie but not of those people being killed everyday including those innocent citizens. Terrible.

Mhertz de Leon writes: This is a stupid rhetoric, he is just trying to capitalize again on the issue to insert his political agenda against Duterte Administration, as usual LP move.

Meanwhile, in another Facebook thread opened by “Thinking Pinoy”, netizens slammed Senator Pangilinan in light of his Facebook post.

Ethan James Coronel Ampota writes: I don’t give a damn about the lives of those criminals since these idiots don’t give a damn about yours and mine. I would rather mourn for that dog instead.

Daisyree Tacandong asks sarcastically:Haha if thousands of human beings have been killed yet, a sitting senator like kiKo just whines and does nothing about it…can we shoot that senator?

Xyldrun Noel Espineda Jacob asserts: A dog would never rape and murder your child, mother, and grandmother, nor would it stab you in the back even after you’ve fed it. there are over 7 billion people in the world. 1 dog’s life > the lives of millions of fucking worthless criminals!!!

Ron Toledo says: Hey.. Mr. Senator.. I prefer dogs than criminal human being.. Ang aso kapag nawala ka na amo for so many years pagbalik mo kilala ka pa rin at lalapit at lalapit sayo.. Eh kayong bulok na politiko mga traidor at balimbing.. Kaya sa aso na ako. 😄ort

Saving the best for last

IMO, the meanest retort came from “Thinking Pinoy” who wrote it open letter style.

Dear Sen. Cuneta,

If thousands of human beings have already been killed, then why haven’t you, or any of your hepatitis-ridden cohorts, filed even a single case against the PNP?

You must be one crappy lawyer.

Lovingly yours,

“Thinking Pinoy’s” post garnered 405 shares, 557 comments and more than 11,000 reactions on Facebook as of this writing.

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Credits to Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

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