Senator Nancy Binay preaches importance of truth-telling in healing of a nation to the public backfires big-time. Read why!

Radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez can only raise his eyebrows, figuratively speaking, in reaction to Senator Nancy Binay preaching to the public in general and to Darryl Yap in particular, director of the movie ‘Maid in Malacanang’ the importance of truth-telling to the healing of a nation.

According to the senator, imaginary events can never be history. Historical trueness will always prevail over historical fiction. The path to healing a nation begins at truth-telling.

Speaking of truth-telling, Lopez offered an unsolicited advice to Senator Nancy Binay and that is, stop dipping her fingers in the discussion about truth-telling. Otherwise, the public will start taking interest again and ask questions regarding the origin of her family’s wealth.

Here are some of the comments of netizens in reaction to Senator Nancy Binay’s statement.

One netizen echoed Mark Lopez’s advice to the senator from Makati.

Truth telling will put ur family in trouble! 🙋‍♀️😁 Mag suggest ka na lang batas na makaka tulong sa mga Pilipino.. 🙋‍♀️🤔😏

A second netizen said the Binays are simply deflecting the attention of the public to the Marcoses by telling the pubic not to forget them. If the people starts scrutinizing the Binays and see for what they really are, they will follow the footsteps of the Aquinos and out of power.

Of course never forget kasi after Marcos, nakilala ang mga Binay. If people see and realized the real them, they will be next to the Aquinos, out of power.🙄

A third commenter can only laugh at Nancy Binay for being oblivious that the dark reputation of all members of the Binay family are as dark as their skin.

Ahahahah nakakamangha din kase nakakalimot ata lahat ng myembro ng pamilya ng Binay na kasing itim nila ang reputasyon nila sa pulitika hahahaha

Finally, this netizen’s comment regarding the Binays made my day.

Hilig talaga ng mga Binay sumawsaw sa BLACK propaganda.

You may read what Mark Lopez exactly said below.

Naku Nancy, STOP!

Huwag ka na umepal.

Baka mahalungkat pa ang HISTORY ng YAMAN ng pamilya mo.

Stay put…


Source: Mark Lopez

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