Senator Risa Hontiveros staff allegedly bribed Pharmally staff to give false testimony on substandard face shields supplies

Have you read the news making the rounds on social media regarding the involvement of a senator’s staff in the allegation of bribery of Pharmally staff to give false testimony on substandard face shields supplies?

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez reposted the details of the bribery allegation below, to the consternation of his FB followers against the senator. You may jumped into the details below if you are not interested how netizens react to the bribery allegation against Senator Hontiveros.

Otherwise, let us read together the comments of netizens in light of this revolting behavior of the senator or senators involved.

Proven Dilawan strategy, now and then, at work to destroy the government commented one netizen.

That’s how the Dilawans work noon at ngayon, to destroy the government. They succeeded in demonizing Marcos, they won’t succeed now!

Caught in the act, said another.

Sakpan, paint admin black to make them white . Yan ang modus operande ng mga senator na dilawan . Power tripping 👎 abuse of power 👎👎👎 yellowshit no more. Never again 👎👎👎

Hontiveros’ criminal energy knows no limit, it’s about time that we prune this philhealth thief, remarked another netizen.

This netizen knew how Hontiveros will get out of this mess.

She can easily deny it, and say the attorney acted on her volition unless ilaglag din cya ng abogado nya which is unlikely.

Another irate netizen wrote:

The Evil intent is clear. We have a Senate that is not pro people! Its pro me me me . Greed n Power they know its their last hurrah and become irrelevant!

You may read mark Lopez’s FB post below now.


Press Release by Pharmally Legal Counsel

“Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ office bribed Pharmally’s warehouse staff”.

MANILA, Philippines — Warehouse man from Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. revealed that Senator Risa Hontiveros’ Senate staff bribed his former co-worker to give false testimony on substandard face shields supplies.

During the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing, held on Friday, Senator Risa Hontiveros showed a video of a witness [a former warehouseman of Pharmally] revealing that they were instructed by management to repack substandard face shields procured for medical workers, to make it appear they were manufactured recently.

However, in a video that was presented by Atty. Topacio in a Press Conference a while ago, another warehouse staff from Pharmally reveals that Sen. Hontiveros’ attorney, Jaye Bekema, offered his former co-worker money in exchange for testimony.

In that said video, another Pharmally warehouseman identified his former co-worker as ‘V-Jay’, saying the latter was paid by Bekema through her driver, Ryan Tazo.

“Nabayaran siya para siraan si Ms. Mago at Pharmally.”, said the other Pharmally warehouse staff.

He added, “‘Dun po mismo ako nagtatrabaho sa warehouse at alam ko po ‘yung ginagawa namin ay tama at walang nangyayaring anomalya.”

The next Senate hearing into the alleged anomalies in the purchase of COVID-19 supplies will resume on Thursday, September 30. (30)

BTW, Senator Risa Hontiveros already issued a statement denying the allegation.

Link here.


Source: Mark Lopez

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