Senator Trillanes, Chinese Triad member rather than Paolo Duterte? This National Security expert, PMA mistah thinks so!

Abe Purugganan, a national security expert and formerly connected with Center for Transnational Crimes says its Trillanes who could be working for the Chinese Triad rather than Pulong Duterte.

In a Facebook post, the former military rebel and officer explains:

When I was with the Center for Transnational Crimes, one of the areas of our study was about the global operation of the Chinese TRIAD. One of the things that I was particular about was the cooptation of the TRIAD by the PLA. This was a forceful and coercive way for Beijing to assert its influence over the Chinese communities around the world. This was part of China’s 10-year strategic plan to establish regional hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region. That was 16 years ago. They might have total control now of the TRIAD. If Trillianes is dealing with the TRIAD, he is practically being used or manipulated by the PLA against the Duterte administration. This is a very serious matter of national security and it has far-reaching political and economic implications.
How could Trillianes get possibly connected with these organizations?

Sixteen (16) trips to China were enough for the Chinese intelligence or PLA or the TRIAD to conduct a recruitment operation on Trillianes.These trips were unofficial.

Netizen Macky de Claro seems to agree with Purugganan and commented: “Perhaps this person is a member of the Triad considering he has been to China several times unofficially.Why don’t the office if the NSA or the NICA/NBI or even the Intelligence Service of Armed Forces investigate this matter for verification as this is a matter of national security?”

Herald Black asked: His trips had to be approved by the Senate President. What could have been the reasons indicated in his request for travel approval.

Lyle Sabado wants to know who paid for Trillanes trip to China. “If he went to china unofficially 16 times, who paid for his trips? Did somebody sponsor him? Or he is also rich.”

What do you think?

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