Seneres willing to give way for Mayor Duterte but with three conditions

Congressman Roy Seneres, an OFW party list representative, says he is willing to give way to Mayor Duterte but with 3 conditions.

Congressman Seneres is a member of the Lex Talionis fraternity, an exclusive frat organization from the San Beda Law School which Mayor Duterte is also a member.

During the ‘Usaping Balita’ Media Forum, one of the reporters fielded a hypothetical question to former Ambassador Roy Seneres and asked if he is willing to give up his candidacy and allow his frat mate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to take his slot. The congressman said he would oblige, but his three conditions should be met.

The conditions are: first, Duterte should retract all the statements against Grace Poe; second, Duterte should stop espousing a pro-death stance and become a pro-life advocate; third, he should take up the cudgels for the contractual workers.

Election experts doubt if Mayor Duterte is allowed to substitute for Martin Dino who is rumored to be declared as a nuisance candidate by the Comelec.

On one hand, a candidate is not allowed to substitute another candidate if they did not come from the same political party. Remember, Congressman Roy Seneres belongs to Filipino Family Party. The solution is for Duterte to take an oath as member of Seneres’political party (Filipino Family Party) since there is no law that prevents him from switching parties.

Meanwhile, Mayor Duterte is happy with the latest Pulse Asia survey that showed him topped the NCR and was quoted saying,

I’d like to thank those people who believed in me.

The camp of Grace Poe quickly belittled the Pulse Asia survey results that showed Duterte beating Poe which the bailiwick of Poe based on the previous surveys conducted by SWS and Pulse Asia.

The survey only covers NCR, there is more to the Philippines than Metro Manila. Hence, at this point the survey is inconclusive and not reflective of the sentiments of the country.

On one hand, the camp of Grace Poe should know better that wherever NCR goes in the past elections, the rest of the country follows.

Let us wait for Mayor Duterte’s reaction on the offer of his frat mate and if he is willing to satisfy the three conditions for the sake of running for the Presidency. If Duterte accepts the offer, would his followers would still vote for him since he is known as an advocate for imposing death penalty? That we don’t know at this stage.

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