Senior citizen Juan Ponce Enrile on Leni Robredo’s plan to tap UN’s help: May I humbly & respectfully suggest the Vice President reconsiders her decision.”

Former senator and the grand old man of PH politics Juan Ponce Enrile can’t help but offer his unsolicited advice to Vice President Leni Robredo amid reports that she will turn to the UN for ‘lessons’ re combating illegal dr*gs.

Enrile said that if the Manila Standard headline was true, he would humbly suggest that the VP reconsiders her decision.

Enrile wrote that as a sovereign nation, we should not allow or involve outsiders, including the UN, in running our domestic affairs.

Governance, Enrile said, is the sole function and responsibility of the sovereign people and the government they established and authorized to govern the country and to manage its internal affairs.

Outsiders UN or not, should not be allowed to meddle in out internal affairs, much less teach or tell us what to do in governing ourselves.

Such involvement of foreigners is an assault of the dignity and independence of our country. This is especially true in law enforcement and administration of our criminal justice system.

Enrile added that the UN is ignorant of our laws and national circumstances. We are responsible in defining policies that will promote our stability and national welfare.

The former senator remarked that we cannot leave to outsiders the protection of our people and the security of our Republic.

Enrile concluded his message with this golden advice: “The Vice President should use her own leadership, judgment, and personal skills in performing her assigned tasks. That is why she is the Vice President.”

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“Those without scruples or any good moral fiber in their body should contemplate at getting into or back into the business of Narcotics… the UN has a dismal record of 3rd world country intervention. Putangina ! Baka maging SOMALIA na ang Pilipinas. Those with moral high grounds BEWARE… your CHILDREN will be the food for the voracious appetites of these Narco peddlers and their Narco politicians protectors.”

I do second the motion…. Having just taken over the job and I suspect she still has a shallow understanding of Drug Enforcement, bringing to the UN our Domestic Problems is tantamount to airing our dirty laundries and as Senator Enrile have mentioned is wrong and wrong panel because of the UN’s ignoranse of our laws.

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