SG,Teddy Boy Locsin silence critics who are crucifying Duterte for skipping Independence Day rites in Luneta

As President Duterte decided to skip the Independence Day rites in Luneta today, critics of Duterte quickly use this as an opportunity to attack the president.

Foremost is social media blogger Bernard Ong who spoofed at the President’s absence in the Luneta rites by starting a speculation game that reads:


He skipped his first Independence Day celebration. So many possible reasons.
1. He’s sick. This is most frequent reason cited for other no-shows such as APEC leaders’ group photo & ASEAN meeting.
2. He overslept. This was an excuse used to explain some of his no-shows. Jet lag and late nights are blamed.
3. He’s tired. A version of oversleeping. But this one makes him look better by painting a picture of an overworked leader.
4. He does not give a damn about Kalayaan. He is willing to deal away Panatag, Spratly and our EEZs in exchange for promises of Chinese loans.
5. He does not believe in Freedom. He prefers Martial Law and Dictatorship.
6. He is reserving his Luneta appearance for Oct 1 – China’s National Day.
7. In a rare moment of candor, he may have realized that he is unfit to be Commander-in-chief. Avoided the pretension of being one by not showing up at Luneta.

The page Showbiz Government did not like the tone of Bob Ong and posted an unembellished response to quell further malicious speculation online.

VC: My previous two posts are for those who were questioning why President Rody Duterte was absent during Independence Day rights at Luneta Park this morning. He had to beg off because he had a very busy Sunday visiting our wounded troops in Cagayan De Oro in the afternoon and comforting the families of those who died in Marawi at Villamor Airbase late in the evening.

Credits to Showbiz Government

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g in PNoy’s fantasy world, your effin’ President was nowhere to be found when he was needed the most! At least now your Vice President had the limelight. Be thankful Duterte was exhausted from executing his Presidential duties last night.

I swear you haters are getting to be solid MEMA(sabi) and NEGA(tive) people already. The country does not need all of you. Out with your kind.

So again to the MEMA crowd, you ask where the president was? He was there where he was needed MORE.

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Meanwhile, Maria Ressa of Rappler got burned by the country’s UN Ambassador Teddy Boy Locsin on Twitter.

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