Shades of the movie ‘Enemy at the Gates’: Army sniper versus Maute sniper played a deadly cat and mouse game in Marawi

A skilled enemy sniper can stop the advance of a whole company, even an Army battalion, a general once said.

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This is not an exaggeration, but it’s happening in the battle to retake Marawi from Maute militants who positioned themselves in strategic buildings in Marawi, harassing the advance of the feared Army Scout Rangers and even killing many of our best warriors in the military.

One of the strategic buildings occupied by Maute militants, especially their snipers, is Dansalan College in Marawi City.

On July 1, more than a month after the combined Maute and ASG militants took over Marawi City, government forces finally retook Dansalan College from the Maute militants after a hard-fought battle with the best of the best of the Maute snipers.

The Facebook page Scout Ranger Books narrated the deadly and mouse game between the best of the Army sniper nicknamed Master Janggo and the foreign-looking sniper which ended with one shot to the head of one of them.

According to Scout Ranger Books, the foreign-looking Maute sniper has already killed two Scout Rangers. Two days before the Maute sniper was felled down by the sniper’s bullet, Master Janggo could not pinpoint the location of the Maute sniper because he failed to establish the sniper’s pattern. Maute’s sniper gun did not leave traces of smoke and hardly make a sound when he fires a shot, thanks to a good quality suppressor.

But on day three at 9300 in the morning, the Maute sniper fired a shot.

Unluckily for him, Master Janggo’s spotter saw little traces smoke, revealing his position. Master Janggo did not waste a second, fired a shot at the small hole wherein the Maute sniper was last seen firing his gun.

After Master Janggo squeezed the trigger, he did not know if he hit him or not.

But when the Scout Ranger’s cleared one of the buildings of Dansalan College, there was a foreign-looking sniper killed by a head shot.

The report from CNN Philippines gives us a clue of the nationality of the Maute sniper.

Joint Task Force Marawi spokesperson Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera said on Tuesday said a foreign-looking fighter, probably a Singapore national, was killed inside the school during military operations. [CNN Philippines]

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Dito sa Dansalan College nag one-on-one si Scout Sniper Master “Janggo” versus ang matindi na ISIS sniper na tumama sa dalawang Scout Rangers. Determinado si Master Janggo tumbahin ang ISIS sniper na ito dahil hirap pasukin ng Rangers ang Dansalan College dahil maganda ang puwesto nito. Sa unang dalawang araw, di ma pattern ni Master Janggo kung saan ang sniper. Walang trace ng usok kung pumutok at maganda ang suppressor ng baril kaya halos walang sound marinig. Sa pangatlong araw, mga 0930, pumutok ang ISIS sniper at napansin ng spotter ni Master Janggo na may konting usok. Tiningnan nila maigi at mukhang may sumilip sa isang maliit na butas na di nila inakala ay puwede puwestuhan ng sniper. Di pinatagal ni Master Janggo ang pagkakataon, pinutukan niya rin ang maliit na butas. Pagkatapos nun, di malaman ni Master Janggo kung tinamaan nga niya. Pag clear ng Scout Ranger companies sa building na ito, dun nakabulaga ang bangkay ng mukhang foreigner na ISIS sniper. Head shot, siyempre. Ang distance ni Master Janggo at ang ka match niya: 70 meters. Ang confirmed hits ni Master Janggo ngayon sa Marawi: 6 ISIS snipers killed.

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Netizens commended Master Janggo for neutralizing the Maute sniper.

Junjun Briones wrote: “Congratulations and snappy salute to you sir! Sa movie mulang makikita ang ganitong kwento ng close encounter ng sniper to sniper….Thank you sir!….keep safe always for the the filipino people.”

Tenorio Romil remarked: “Salute to you master janggo. Ubusin mo sila at kung maari puro head shot! Keep safe always and praying for the safety of all soldiers in Marawi and entired Philippines! God bless”

Maria Liza Lopez commented: “Bravo to you sir. May God bless your hands and protect you from harm in fighting the terrorists. Salute to you Scout Sniper Master”

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