“SHAMELESS POE SIYA” — Radio host Mark Lopez labels Senator Poe for overzealous dedication in conducting senate hearing re ABS-CBN franchise

“SHAMELESS POE SIYA!” This is how radio host Mark Lopez, a staunch Duterte supporter, labeled Senator Grace Poe in his latest FB post for showing extraordinary dedication to conduct a senate hearing regarding ABS-CBN’s franchise.

Take note! Poe is hell bent in pushing through with her senate hearing despite the request to issue a gag order on plea to cancel ABS-CBN’s franchise by the Office of the SolGen.

In fact Poe, pushed the senate hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise three days earlier than scheduled.

In a Facebook post, Lopez said Poe’s actions already borders on violating the Constitutional mandate and process of Congress. “The overzealous disposition of Grace Poe to conduct a public hearing on the ABS CBN franchise already borders on violating the constitutional mandate and process of Congress.”

Lopez accused Poe of collaborating with the Kapamilya network to use the Senate as another platform to rouse the people’s anger in behalf of the embattled TV network. “Considering there were far more important bills which should have merited this kind attention and eagerness from her, the insistence of proceeding with a hearing is nothing but a grand collaborative design by the Kapamilya network and Grace Poe to use the Senate as another platform to induce people to rally for and in behalf of the beleaguered media company.”

Lopez also accused Poe of shamelessly abusing her senate position to preserve the interest of the Kapamilya Network. “Grace Poe is shamelessly abusing her position, and no amount of gobbledygook explanation why she wanted a hearing will ever conceal her true intent – preserve the interest of ABS CBN.”

Lopez ended the FB post with an announcement regarding his discovery of the senator protector of the Oligarchy. “People of the Philippines, we have uncovered the senator protector of the oligarchyand she is none other than Grace Poe.”

Lopez’s FB post has elicited anti-Poe sentiments from netizens.

One netizen said this is Poe’s real political color. “The true politics of Grace Poe. For Grace Poe, our traffic woes are insignificant. The plight of SAF44 families is not important. The MRT3 mess is forgotten. But, for ABS-CBN, she will move heaven and earth and violates separation of powers and even disregards our constitution to fast track the franchise renewal. Next time people vote for a person who truly loves the Philippines and not a person who once in her lifetime left her country and abandoned her Filipino citizenship for personal gain. We are not her bosses. She does not serve the Philippines. She only serves herself and her handlers.”

Another netizen commented that Poe should grow up, “Dis-Gracia Poe needs to grow up as a senator. She’s not serving the public: instead, it’s for self-interest. Pwe.”

This netizen remarked that she is not surprised why Poe is behaving like this.”Her adoptive mother Susan Roces has a stake in Ang Probinsyano. Grace stands to inherit the copyright.”

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Source: Mark Lopez

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