Share: Duterte camp asking supporters to be his spokesperson in their barangays

A post from the Duterte camp enjoining all supporters to become the “spokespersons” of the Mayor is doing the rounds online.

Duterte invites volunteers

In a Facebook post by Peter Tiu Lavina, the Duterte social media campaign manager explained that due to financial constraints and conflict in scheduling, Mayor Duterte cannot possibly visit every barangays in the Philippines, so he asks all supporters to contribute to the cause of Duterte by acting as the spokesperson in their respective areas.

That being said, the campaign slogan of “Tunay na Pagbabago” (Real Change) that Mayor Duterte hopes to send across the country can only reach as many people as possible if every Duterte supporter will act as the campaign spokesperson of the Mayor.

Before ending his post, Peter Tiu Lavina, ask netizens to share his post so that it can reach as many supporters as possible who will answer to the call of acting as the spokesperson of the Mayor.

Read the full text below.

Presidential candidate Rody Duterte speaks what is in the hearts and minds of our people. Hence, he oftentimes throw invectives and curse the sorry state we are in. There are terrible crimes and rising drugs everywhere, wholesale corruption and neglect in government, hunger and poverty stalking millions of our fellow Filipinos, and discontent and frustration by our people.

Duterte is an excellent communicator who has a natural flair to connect with the audience. Haven’t you noticed, he employs aptly humor, sarcasm, hyperbole, reverse phychology and plain one-liners to bring his thoughts across? Yet, words alone, because they come with different meanings, will not suffice to understand and appreciate his message. One has to read his lips, his body language, and in-between his lines as well. It is indeed so difficult to fill in his shoes.

But because our presidential candidate cannot attend to all invitations, particularly, for instance, in various media and other fora, he has been represented ably by our VP bet Sen. Alan Cayetano; by PDP President Sen. Koko Pimentel and by the party spokesperson lawyer Paola Alvarez; by lawyer Vitalino Aguirre particularly for legal matters; by Dante Jimenez and Martin Dino on crime and corruption; by campaign manager Mayor Jun Evasco, sortie manager Bong Go, advance party head Butch Ramirez, and parallel groups head Danny Dayanghirang for the campaign and brother Bong Duterte, and daughter Sara and sons Paolo and Baste for the family.

Of course, hands down, the best spokespersons for ‪#‎DuterteCayetano‬ are you, all of you, our volunteers and supporters, in their millions who are fed up with the rotten system and are seeking and working for ‪#‎TunayNaPagbabago‬.

Due to our limited resources, you are the vital cog to bring to all Filipinos the need for real change, and sell #DuterteCayetano’s ‪#‎MatapangNaSolusyon‬ at ‪#‎MabilisNaAksyon‬ to our people, here and abroad.

One Voice. Different Speakers. One Message for Change and Hope. Everyone as Beneficiaries. One Action. Different Strokes. One Nation. One Flag (No pledging of allegiance to USA please!). One Solid Vote. ‪#‎VoteDuterteCayetano‬.
(Kindly share to reach all our spokespersons here and abroad)

Presidential candidate Rody Duterte speaks what is in the hearts and minds of our people. Hence, he oftentimes throw…

Posted by Peter Tiu Lavina on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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