Sharon Cuneta downplays 11.8% growth rate of PH economy on Twitter and Duterte supporters are upset. Read why!


This is the initial reaction of US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora to Sharon Cuneta’s tweet belittling the growth rate posted by the PH economy during the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Jamora lamented that Tita Shawee like Senator Grace Poe, isn’t happy with the high growth rate posted by the Philippine economy under the Duterte admin at the time of pandemic.

And like Miss Panday, she’s not rejoicing at all with the 11.8% growth, which is almost double the average GDP growth under Duterte sans the pandemic effect!

However, Jamora urged netizens not to focus on what Ate Shawee tweeted. He would rather want Filipinos to pay attention to the sin of her husband who has been blocking the admins effort to fix the FDI rules.

“But forget that! Ang husband nito has been sitting and blocking everything to fix FDI rules on the Constitution! Matok mo yon?! You know, massive foreign investments could put more Filipinos to work like what happened in China or Vietnam?!”

Jamora couldn’t help but asked since when Tita Shawee became an economist? He wondered if he also took 3-month course? He was particularly pissed that Tita Shawee was trying to convince the public the 11.8% is nothing but when our growth went negative, Tita Shawee and friends went gaga saying it was a disaster of unimaginable proportion.

“Pero, since when ba naging economist si Tita Shawee?! 3 months din? And she’s trying to convince us that 11.8% is nothing? But when growth dipped to -0.7%, nag-wala ang mga inanitan dahil delubyo na daw?! Tapos ngayon, ay ok lang?!”

Jamora argued that if you look at the trajectory of our GDP growth, it has spiked to such heights that would even embarrass the economies of our Southeast Asian neighbors.

“Samantalang if you look at the trajectory of GDP growth, pumapalo siya na mapapahiya ang ibang economies in Southeast Asia?!”

“Ayusin nga ninyo ang mga economic narratives ninyo!” Jamora barked at critics to get their narratives straight.



Source: Edwin Jamora

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