“She is indeed a CLASS ACT” — Radio host on former President Gloria Arroyo re gesture to former jailer former President Noynoy Aquino

Despite spending more than 4 years of her life under hospital arrest during Aquino administration, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo showed no vindictiveness against her former jailer.

The former president even sent wreath of flowers at the wake of her former tormentor, Noynoy Aquino, as a sign of respect.

For that gesture, former President GMA has earned the praise of radio host and blogger Mark Lopez and subsequently his followers in an FB post.

On Facebook, Lopez wrote:

“Even though she was endlessly hounded and persecuted by the Aquino admin, and all her projects and initiatives were either stopped, ignored or worse, discontinued to the point of litigation and additional burden to the nation, she remained level headed calm and moved on without recrimination.”

“She could have been vindictive and acrimonious,” Lopez remarked.

“Instead, she chose respect,” Lopez added.

Lopez agreed with a good friend of his who described GMA in words that might raise the eyebrows of her critics.

“Indeed, as a good friend has described aptly, she is indeed a CLASS ACT.”

As of this writing, Lopez’s FB post on former President GMA has earned 3,374 reactions and not a soul hit the angry emoji, 137 comments and 121 shares in 10 hours.

Here are some of the positive comments from netizens below.

“Thank you MARK for telling people about President GLORIA ARROYO. She is highly respected❤️ I always admire her” commented one netizen.

“Marcos, Arroyo, Duterte belong to the breed of public servants, focused with work than popularity. Their admins have left a legacy for the people to enjoy, years after their term. They truly served the people well! Others are just greedy politicians…😊 said another.

“That’s a class act, something the Aquino’s do not have…” chimed in another.

To end the blog post, here’s the comment of another netizen which I think sums up the sentiment of Lopez’s followers towards PGMA. “Salute to gma sa kabila ng ginawa sa knya ni pnoy nakiramay pa rin siya. such a big heart leader.”


Source: Mark My Word by Mark Lopez

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