Shocking confession Ozamiz blogger: I am responsible for disseminating photo of Pres. Duterte and Mayor Aldong Parojinog

Does the photo below looks familiar? Well, the saying “everything we see on Facebook is not real” is indeed true. Why I said this? Please read!

In light of the bloody developments in Ozamiz, Cyril Sarge Bulawin, a blogger from the same city decided to step out and made a confession regarding the photo wherein President Duterte and Mayor Aldong Parojinog shared a pose.

First, he claimed that he was not really a full-blooded anti-Duterte, but rather it was a ploy, his plan B kicking into work because his plan A did not work. The plan A was attacking the Parojinogs on social media but after realizing it wasn’t working, switched to plan B. That plan B he says is credited to the police raid that culminated in the bloody end of the Parojinog’s bloody reign in Ozamiz.

Second, he confessed as the source of the photo above used by anti-Duterte pages in maligning, casting apsersions on Duterte that he is a ‘kumpadre’ of the Parojinogs, naming the later in the drug watch list is but a sham.

Read the post below.

AKO….. I am responsible for disseminating that photo of Pres. Duterte and Mayor Aldong Parojinog during his visit in Ozamiz for their ROA family reunion. I used that photo to manipulate a lie that Duterte and Aldong are friends and that Duterte will fail in his war on drugs. My agenda is to challenge him, pressure him and ridicule him that he is no match to the Parojinogs.

Since Duterte became president, I’ve been ranting against his policies and promises on the war on drugs especially in stopping the drug lords of Ozamiz.

The people may think that I’m a full bloodied anti-Duterte ( in some policies only ) but what they didn’t know is that being an anti – Duterte is my plan B. I wanna be the one pushing Duterte’s button because my plan A in attacking the Parojinogs on social media for years now after they killed my father in law ( Juan Dongallo, Jr. ) in 2013 was only scratching the surface. They have threatened and vilified my relatives in the city because of my nuances in their drug business. Some of my relatives has to move to another city to avoid being terrorized by motorcycle riding goons of the Parojinogs. I was alone on that battle during that time.

Although that act brought a precedence for others to follow suit and started their war against the drug lords on Facebook hiding under the shroud of anonymity through dummy accounts. It’s a dangerous game I told them and I have seen people fell to the hands of death by the Parojinogs just for bashing and ranting against them.

Being a native of Ozamiz, I kept my true identity open so that the people will realize that there is still one brave soul left to contest and fight the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City! I knew it’s suicidal as I fought hard and spent hours just using my iPhone while working or driving to deliver my message. In fact, some of the photo collages of the Parojinogs like Novas Hermes bags were mine.

I’m a pragmatist and if everybody is for him, Duterte will think that everything is just fine. His complacency would not have brought us the justice that we deserved for Ozamiz City lately. That’s one reason I kept attacking Duterte on his war on drugs because as the death toll rose higher in number, I haven’t seen one drug lord in Ozamiz City fell to the grasp of justice.

My blogs caught the netizens attention and some were made viral on online news pages. It’s the challenge I sent to Duterte that his success on the war on drugs should start in Ozamiz City because it’s the hub for organized crime and the illegal drug trade. It is also the haven of the notorious kuratong baleleng syndicate. Ozamiz is the determining factor, a litmus test on his war on drugs.

Unlike other drug lords, Duterte and Bato are facing a well organized crime group and hardened criminals who are closely knitted by their bloodline. Some of my distant relatives and friends were involve either as an addict or a pusher. It is like the whole city just embraced it because of fear from death, terror and retribution.

The illegal drug trade industry of Ozamiz City flourished to the extent that a dynasty of drug lords has evolved and each one of them has branched out to the neighboring cities and islands like Bohol and Dumaguete City.

Narcopolitics spread like cancer planted in every barangay and town to keep the Parojinogs in power and to advance themselves in the national seat of the government!

Corruption plague the city from ghost employees, nepotism, bribes, controlling the gasoline prices where a portion of it goes to their pocketbooks, etc.

Business was so good that other than manufacturing shabu in the city, the drug lords has also extended their business on drug rehabs. It’s like a one stop shopping mall!

Now that Aldong is gone and his brother Ardot went into hiding, I found some relief that finally the people have been liberated after decades of terror, submission and intimidation from the untouchable Parojinogs.

In the next passing days, as their deaths sink in into the Ozamiznons that they no longer have to fear them anymore and that the police are no longer in bed with the Parojinogs, we will start hearing their stories and revelations.

The war is still not over as our city is still surrounded by Parojinog sympathizers and our LGU are still the same enablers of the Parojinogs. It is still shaky unless the right people will be put in place to allow the healing of the city and for the Ozamiznons to gradually take back what they have lost for more than 2 decades of the Parojinog rule.

My hats off to you Pres. Duterte for finally realizing the Ozamiznons dream to be free again from the realms of evil. To Gen. Ronald ” Bato ” Dela Rosa, thank you for listening and supporting the Ozamiznons. To PCI Jovie Espenido and his team, you did one hell of a job and congratulations sir. I salute your bravery and passion for change. You are the answer to our prayers and you will continue to be in our prayers that God will continue to use you that His glory will keep shining.

To my fellow Ozamiznons and the silent majority who fought with me in anonymity and in prayer, we are the silent heroes of this war so that the generations that we sowed will be living in a city with life, liberty and freedom in the pursuit of happiness. Thank you for putting your trust again to our government and our brave policemen. This is it, this is the CHANGE that we hoped for and it is now OURS!

For the people who don’t believe in prayers, this is it. Even if it took us 20 years of praying God has finally answered it. God bless.

The post becomes an instant hit on social media and has gathered more than 10K shares, more than 19K reactions and 1,746 comments on Facebook.

Let us read the reaction of netizens who read the post below.

CheDj Otome Agravante commended the blogger for his efforts. “Thanks for this post.Your bravery in coming to an open is very much appreciated.Yes we keep on praying for righteousness to reign in Ozamiz,God bless you as well to our President , to Gen Bato and to brave PCI Espenido.Salute to you.”

Ellehchar’Daliva Sayre’Briosos Tee said: “i salute u for stating ds..u did a gud job…MAy our almigthy guide and protect u always..”

Lalaine Loza remarked: “Its worth to read khit mhba…binasa ko tlga till the end..I’m not from ozamis but I feel u sir..and thanks god mkkbawi na ang lugar nyo ..keep moving and praying for the better phild ..God bless us”

Bienvenido Lao chides the blogger for credit grabbing. “Challenging, pressuring, and ridiculing RRD doesn’t work, kid; you pride yourself too much. It was the Parojinog’s turn is all that was. Don’t take credit where it’s nor due. While I pity your history, I also dislike your technique in retaliation. It smells so much like the ways of a double-agent. No group in their right minds would completely trust you after this admission of yours.”

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