Shots fired! Mayor Sara Duterte slams politicians for tweeting every move while helping typhoon victims draws cheers from netizens

YouTuber and FB page owner known as Coach Jarret has shared the screenshot of the tweet of Vice Presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte taking a swipe at a presidential candidate who has been tagged as President of the Twitter Republic.

Why? Because this presidential aspirant has been using Twitter as her platform to coordinate relief and rescue operation efforts during natural disasters like typhoons.

Let us read the caption of Coach Jarret to describe the screenshot photo of the tweet to reveal the identity of the said presidential aspirant.

FYI kay MAMAW LENI. Sabi ni VP Inday Sara, di na kailangan MAGTWEET, PUBLIC SERVICE lang daw. 🤣🤣🤣

UNITEAM2022 #BBMFORPRESIDENT2022 #SARAFORVICEPRESIDENT #BringBackMarcos #MarcosLatta ##SamaSamaTayongBabangonMuli

Here’s what VP aspirant Sara Duterte tweeted which amuses many of her supporters, including Coach Jarret.

According to ISD, The LGUs are always ready at all times during any calamity. We already have an existing disaster plan which is executed by the government to provide food, water and shelter to our kababayans. No need to tweet. no media. Public service only.

Netizens reacted by cheering on Sara Duterte’s jab at Leni Robredo. Some netizens shared their opinion on Leni Robredo’s style to woo votes or get free media mileage.

Very well said VP Sara ❤️ well done din po

Hilig talaga ng calamity politics ni mama mink.

BOOM!🤣🤣🤣 I love Mayor Sara hahah

Puro coordinate palang ang Nanay ng mga minks at baka delay nasimulan, d pares ng Uniteam advance 😹.

Si Mamaw Len! kasi is depending on her biased media to promote her & back her up with fak_e news. STUPIDITY IS A BLISS for her😄😆🤣

Eto ang VP ko laging handa, hindi kagaya sa fake na isa na yin, kun saan andya na ang sakuna stakampa lang mamamlikos nga tulong

Exactly! Supalpal ang mga pets este bets ng mainstream media.


Source: Coach Jarret

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