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‘Should you not be thankful na pinansin ka pa?’ – Radio host to Jennylyn Mercado decrying attempts to silence her

Radio host Mark Lopez couldn’t stop the itch to respond to Jennylyn Mercado’s latest tweet decrying what she called an attempt to silence her for exercising one’s right to question.

In a Facebook post with the title “JENNYLYN MARKADO PART 2”, Lopez wrote: ‘Eto na naman tayo Jennylyn Mercado eh…’

Lopez explained once again to Jennylyn Mercado why he wrote the Jennylyn Markado Part 1, and that is not to shut her mouth or a message telling her to shut up.

‘Nung sinagot ng maayos ang obviously rhetorical question mo about “breakdown ng inutang,” the effort was not to silence you, or tell you to shut up.’


‘On the contrary, we addressed your rhetoric to actually help educate you, especially in the nuances of what you have brought up as an issue.’

Without holding back his punches, Lopez called spade a spade re Jennylyn Mercado’s latest attempt to engage netizens on Twitter.

‘Ngayon, here you are engaging na naman with your flair for drama and putting yourself as an underdog who was attacked and harassed by simply exercising your right to question.’

Lopez told Jennylyn Mercado that she has two choices staring at her face but she chose the latter, which he suspects a puppeteer is pulling strings behind the curtain.

‘You see, you really have a choice naman talaga whether you want to sincerely know and learn, and use that knowledge to influence and make the world around you better… or simply act your part as the bitch who was probably coached or influenced to engage in linguistics just to spite and incite people to hatred and rage.’

Lopez remarked that his gut feeling tells him Jennylyn knows what she’s doing and the current “paawa” narrative is just a pathetic attempt as her defense mechanism she has been exposed as a fraud activist.

‘Feeling ko naman, alam mo ginagawa mo, and this current ‘paawa’ and ‘pa-victim’ narrative is another pathetic, lame and moronic attempt to defend yourself because you have been exposed for your sham activism and epic fail in pretending that you really care at all about our National Debt.’

Lopez reiterated it is incorrect for Jennylyn to claim she was being silence. It just makes her looked very stupid.

‘Again, it is so incorrect and misleading to say na ‘gusto ka patahimikin’ just because nagmukha kang tanga.’

If you asks his personal opinion, Lopez believe Jennylyn isn’t stupid. She may even be relishing at her new found notoriety. As they say in showbiz, good or bad publicity is still publicity.

‘Personally, I believe hindi ka tanga, and you may even be enjoying your new found notoriety, typical of that showbiz cliché na “good or bad publicity, is still publicity.”‘

On Jennylyn’s complained that people might have forgotten to respect others who different opinion, Lopez answered:

‘As for respecting your opinion, the fact that we took painstaking effort to respond, and even presenting you with facts, prove how we acknowledge what you posted in social media, even if we know what you were really aiming for is not to expound and elevate the discourse, but simply to engage in diatribe against the government.’

Lopez shared to Jennylyn another cliché to remind her about earning respect.

‘By the way, here is another cliché – Respect is earned, not demanded.’

Lopez ended the FB post by reminding Jennylyn to thank him for the attention. ‘Should you not be thankful na pinansin ka pa?’

You’re welcome.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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