Showmanship is not Leadership — Talented young movie director responds to Leni Robredo tweet about true leadership

According to Vice President Leni Robredo, the true essence of leadership is stepping up and showing up even if it means standing in heels for 3 hours.

Darryl Yap, the talented movie director and the young man behind the viral series “The Kape Chronicles” took to Facebook to reject Vice President Leni Robredo’s assertion about true leadership.

Yap said a true leader has foresight and a good planner.

The photo of Leni Robredo walking barefoot because her feet hurts for standing in heels for 3 hours clearly showed Leni does not have the true attributes of a true leader Yap just described.

Yap added that Leni Robredo walking barefoot after the CNN Philippines debate was all for show. And showmanship is not leadership.

🚩alam ng TRUE LEADER kung gaano tumatagal ang mga debate.
🚩alam ng TRUE LEADER na sasakit ang kanyang binti at paa kung magheheels siya.
all for a show.
Showmanship is not Leadership.
-ng ano? ng SHOW?

that’s a wise decision.

Netizens seem to agree with Darryl Yap’s opinion as shown in the comments below.

Atty. Trixie of the Luminous recalled Leni Robredo not showing up in SMNI-sponsored debate.

Hindi umatend si Leni sa SMNI. So much for showing up in the difficult times.

Another netizen used Leni’s words to take a swipe at her.

Partida sabi nga susuotan daw tayo ng tsinelas, eh siya mismo walang dalang tsinelas. 😁

she’s talking about herself – because of difficult questions in SMNI – so she did not show up on difficult times, wrote another netizen.

Borrowing Robredo’s logic, this netizen offered a word of advice to the male presidential candidates when they show up in the 2nd round of SMNI debate.

Dapat pla nag heels din sina BBM,ABELLA,GONZALES AT KA LEODY sa 4hr SMNI debate para maging true leader😄babaw.

Meanwhile, Robredo’s supporter did their best to defend Robredo.

Darryl Yap Let’s give it to her. She’s 56 y/o & yet endured the 3hrs. Besides, she showed up and delivered!

The debate was 3 hours long and yet all you can do was to judge her for wearing heels.. Too shallow.. Halatang di nanood… Nag-abang lang para mamintas 🙄 You can definitely do better than that..

It seems that kape chronicles applied. You just tasting your own medicine.


Source: Darryl Yap

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