“Si Nancy Binay din, parang eng eng.” — Manila Bulletin writer on Nancy Binay being BFFs with LP, Dad’s tormentors

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu has explored the uncanny relationship between Senator Nancy Binay and Noynoy Aquino’s minions who are now in the Opposition.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, Ms. Chu found it awkward that Senator Nancy would now become best friends of her father’s tormentors in the past.

Why the sneers from Ms. Chu?

Well, Ms Chu refreshed the memories of Filipinos that when Jojo Binay was a threat to Mar Roxas’ road to Malacanang in the 2016 Presidential election, Nancy Binay was almost “duraan” or spit at. Remember how Trillanes attacked Jojo Binay?

‘Dati, when Jojo Binay was a threat to Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, halos duraan nila si Nancy Binay. Grabe yung attack dog ni Pnoy na si Antonio Trillanes sa mga Binay.’

Ms Chu went on to enumerate the different dirty tactics used against the Binays by critics. Example, exposed the corruptions of the Binays, that includes overpriced buildings and even cupcakes and uber expensive toilets. Nancy wasn’t even spared. her SONA outfits were mocked and even her skin color.

‘And then they made fun of Nancy’s SONA outfits, her skin color, they exposed the corruption of the Binays, from their cakes to their super expensive 40k toilets to their billion peso building.’

Ms. Chu also urged netizens to recall how Noynoy’s minions resorted to ad hominems when Nancy Binay announced her plan to run for Senator.

‘And remember when they said ang kapal ni Nancy Binay to run for Senator, considering she was nothing but a secretary of her dad who doesn’t even have any experience prior to running for Senate? When I say they, I mean Noynoy’s minions.’

However, as Nancy Binay positioned herself as the anti-Duterte mouthpiece, Ms. Chu noticed a sudden change of the attitude of Nancy Binay’s nemesis.

‘And now because Nancy is perceived to be anti Duterte, she’s suddenly their spokesperson, they like her, they adore her, she’s suddenly gaining favor in their eyes.’

Ms. Chu wondered if Nancy Binay’s presumed anti-Duterte stance was enough for her nemesis to overlooked all the evidence they carefully gathered to destroy Jojo Binay’s presidential aspirations in 2016.

‘So her being presumed anti Duterte is enough for them to look past all the evidence they carefully gathered to pin Jojo Binay down.’

Ms. Chu could only drop this question in front of netizens, apparently begging for answers re Nancy Binay being the darling of Noynoy’s minions.

‘So basically, they’ve forgiven and forgotten all their allegations about the corruption of the Binays for what?’

Ms Chu lamented that Noynoy did not even bother to send Jojo Binay to jail if they were very sure they had a airtight case against him. They were just happy to destroy Jojo Binay’s presidential hopes – to pave the way for Mar Roxas.

‘They didn’t even bother to have Jojo Binay imprisoned if they were very sure of his corruption. Para kay Noynoy at sa mga tao nya—enough na that they decimated him to make way for Mar Roxas—who never stood a chance when Duterte entered the picture.’

‘They ruined him politically and didn’t see through to it that he paid for what they said were his crimes,’ Chu added.

Ms. Chu continued that after Binay’s presidential hopes was destroyed, they didn’t finish him off by bringing to justice for all the corruption they said he made.

‘And now since wala na silang paki sa mga Binay, they didn’t bother to bring him to justice for all the corruption they said he made.’

Ms. Chu remarked that now Nancy Binay and his father’s tormentors are now best of friends, she can only come up with one conclusion – these people don’t really care for the country – all they care is to further their political agenda.

‘Tapos ngayon BFF na nila si Nancy Binay. This is how you know they don’t care about the country, they just want to have another ally, even if that ally is a member of a family they condemned as thieves only four short years ago.’

And as to what she thinks of Nancy Binay? Ms. Chu summed up Senator Binay into one long sentence: She’s like retarded or a bullied girl craves for the friendship of her bullies.

‘Si Nancy Binay din, parang eng eng. Deep inside she’s the bullied girl who still wants to belong to the circle that kicked her out. As if she can attest to the decency of these people LOL. Despite everything, Nancy Binay wants their affirmation so bad and be able to sit at their table.’

Ms Chu wrapped his FB post by leaving us a sentence that captures the essence of the relationship of Senator Binay and the political enemies of families.

‘Fascinating the way their minds work, and fascinating how each one uses the other for their purpose.’

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Source: Krizette Chu

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