“Sick and disgusting.”|This photo taken during LP campaign rally in Marikina enrages radio show host Mark Lopez

It’s really sick and disgusting.

This is how radio host and blogger Mark Lopez describes the photo allegedly taken during an LP event in Marikina City.

The showed President Duterte and an woman about to kiss in a huge TV screen while the audience watched on.

If my memory serves me right, the photo of Duterte and a woman was taken during PRRD’s visit to South Korea.

The woman was a Filipina married to a South Korean and based in Seoul.

Lopez also called LP “a curse and a plague.”


It is already expected that the DILAWAN opposition WILL ONLY resort to SMEAR CAMPAIGN instead of offering alternative solutions and directions for the sake of our country.

After all, they are the ones responsible for the mess so we cannot really rely on them.

It’s really sick and disgusting.

It’s a curse and a plague.

(Ctto Robert Tabunan)

Lopezes FB post has been getting quite an engagement on Facebook, getting 2349 shares, 1,717 reactions and 908 comments.

Netizen Chel T Galang was visibly incensed by the below the belt smear campaign.

How low can they get? Puro na lang paninira. Puro na lang pagdidivide sa bansa ang ginagawa. ZERO VOTE FOR LP

Chuck Malvar called LP’s stunt embarrassing. “Nakakahiya. Instead of proposing better solutions, they degrade the current administration.”

Ruthchell Pollo Jusko! dapat e latag aNG kanilang plataporma kung Ano ang matutulong nila sa Bayan?? hindi yung mga paninira kay President Duterte DAHIL NG tatrabaho sya at nakikita natin yun. mga tukmol TALAGANG tong mga DILAWAN ayw TUMULONG sa GOBYERNO puro panira,puro kuda.

Honey Pua commented she saw the live feed of the said LP event and found it disgusting. “I’ve seen the live feed and i really find it ridiculous, cheap, and disgusting. Is that the best thing you can do? LPs style is expected by the DDS because there is nothing new with your…. BULOK STYLE AS EVER 😩😩😩”

Jose Edwin Mendoza dela Paz remarked that as a Marikeno, LP’s act was a shame!

“Bilang isang taal na Marikenyo, ito’y aking ikinahihiya. Mga LPng buwiset na salot sa Pilipinas! 😤😤😤”

Ireneo Arguelles “Black propaganda to be used as campaign platform? KAGUNGGUNGAN”

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