Sickening! This is how a netizen describes LP supporters who spread malicious rumor after Duterte disappeared from public view

Sickening! This is how Mark Lopez, a Duterte supporter, described the behavior of the Liberal Party supporters when Duterte did not appear in public for 5 days.

Remember how the LP supporters pushed the hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo to trend on Twitter?

Leah Navarro, celebrity critic of Duterte, posted a mocking tweet on Twitter to ask the President’s whereabouts.

This twitter handle AltMalacanang insinuated something bad happened to the President.

By the way, AltMalacanang projects itself as the resistance of Malacanang on social media.

Anyway, Lopez lashed at the LP supporters and drum beaters on social media, calling their moves as “sickening”.

Read the post below.

Here’s the thing —

In that 5 days that Duts disappeared from public view, the dilawans came up with all sorts of speculations to sell to us the idea that the president is very ill and may no longer be able to dispense his job as president.
These dilawans cranked their propaganda machinery into high gear, even creating noise in their ALT sites (AltMalacañang, AltSupremeCourt, AltSenate, etc) how the government is now being briefed on succession and other morbidity.

There were also stories of where Duts really went – being treated in Fuda China, in coma, or in a cryogenic freezer.

And the most amusing of all, how Leni Robredo is now being propped up to take over, how balimbings are now gravitating towards her, and how she is being hidden as well to protect her just in case.
Now what did all of these accomplished?

When Duts finally appeared last Saturday with nary a trace of serious illness, all these propaganda and their credibility came crashing down like that abandoned high rise being demolished with explosives.

Once again, the hillbilly from Davao masterfully played them, and exposed how poor their intel are, and how they remain clueless and out of touch.

This episode clearly shows how shallow and how hollow the dilawans are, once again displaying their well known, trademark incompetence.

Imagine their arrogance to demand facts about his health, all of it as pretension for concern but clearly more for the sake of their jockeying for front row seats in their imagined transfer of power.

For all the noise they managed to stir, it only highlights their overt greed to reclaim power.
And this my dear Filipinos, is the sickest move of them all.

Lopez ended the post with the hashtags #GalawangDilaw and #DutertePaRinMgaUlol.

Your thoughts, please!

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