Silly charge! This is how Duterte described the Ombudsman case against Pnoy in relation to SAF 44 massacre

Silly charge! This is how Duterte described the case against former President Aquino in relation to the Mamasapamo operation that resulted in the deaths of 44 SAF members.

Charging Aquino for that? My term actually silly, it is a silly charge!

Duterte added that this will result to acquittal.

Papa-acquitted talaga. Ako ang defense nyan, so, what’s wrong? Usurpation? Lahat ng powers ng Cabinet ko, pwede ko angkinin akin. You step aside, I will assume the…and he wwas the person who ordered the operation.

Duterte added no usurpation of authority happened because Pnoy was merely asking for advice from a trusted man. More so, that Pnoy has no military background and not knowledgeable about those kind of operations.

“He was just asking advice from a professional police. What’s wrong with that? He was not usurping. Kaya yung charge ni Aquino will fail.”

Duterte likened the Mamasapano massacre to a failed military operation.

Parang military failure, operation.

When a male voice (reporter) asked Duterte for a comment regarding the proper case to be filed against Aquino, Duterte replied: “Wala man dapat. Eh gusto mo manalo lahat ng panahon?”

To which Emilia Jones agrees. “From los angeles Calif I salute u for ur opinion re mamasapano di puede lahat panalo.”

Meanwhile, some have some words for Ombudsman Morales.

Rene Chu Aboitiz wrote: “Oh Enough Already…with her drama…They will not be Jailed or Firing Squad…unless there’s an uprising. They CAN NOT be INDICTED..or else it will OPEN A FLOOD GATE FOR THE REST OF YOU LOOTERS…YOU CANT DO THAT TO YOUR VERY OWN KIND…ENOUGH WITH THE PAKULO, PALABAS AT DRAMA..”

John Divera Watson remarked: “obvious naman kasi na gagawa gawa lang nila yung kaso napaka gaan lang lol patalsikin na yang Conchita na yan ipalit si Puto!”

Michael Dolino commented: “Tama nman mission accomplished nman ang saf don e un nga lang un talagang sadyang bakla lang si panotae kaya di nya ngawang tulongan ung tao nya kaya hirap tangapin ng pamilya ung nangyari.”

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