Singaporeans cheer President Duterte’s intensified name-and-shame anti-drugs campaign

President Duterte has the overwhelming support of the Filipinos in his campaign against illegal drugs, except for a few noisy netizens who are vilifying him for waging a bloody war against the drug lords.

The nice thing, though, he found unlikely allies somewhere else.

Recently, Channel News Asia ran an article about Duterte’s intensified name-and-shame anti-drugs campaign which quickly spark a debate among Filipino netizens.

However, the heated debate also attracted Singaporeans. The reason being, Channel News Asia is a Singapore-based news organization.

Although, President Duterte’s name-and-shame campaign did not sit well with some Singaporeans, the general feeling, however, has been positive.

Let us read the comments of the Singaporeans together below.

Goh Gerald says:

Good for Philippines. Don’t heck care of those so call human rights champions. If they are so righteous, the country will not deteriorate to the current state. Just do what need to be done to get the country to where it should be, alas, you have only 6 years for that, nonetheless at least something is being done to address the rot. Keep up the relentless effort, Mr Duterte, just don’t get carried away by those bullshits who are responsible for the rot.

Kenneth Kwan says:

I must confess I had harsh critics about his tactics n skeptical about his vows to combat drugs problems in the Philipines. But now I begin to realise, if he doesn’t do it, who is going to do it? Surely, a patriotic Filipino will not want to see the continue decline, self-destruction n decay of civil society of Philipines if they fall deeper into this drug disease n abyss! He just have to get tough.

Johnson Chong says:

He’s the man for the job to bring stabilities and prosperities back to the Philippines. Iron fist for now is a must. Question is how long would it last…

Patrick Chin Tong Yeo says:

Now drugs. Next is corruption. It takes so many years for fengshui to be changed to have such a determined and proactive president to solve his country’s immediate social problems.
God bless Phillipines!

Darren Koh says:

I love this President. He’s really clean up the streets & people’s.. Especially the top level.

Tan Joon Tak Nicholas says: Just like his name Duterte (Do Dirty)- Clearing the streets and making it clean. Straight and to the point and sacrifice himself for his nation. I like his leadership.

Jonus Jun says:

China tried thousands of year to eradicate corruption, I wan to see how successful is yhis champaign..nevertheless is a good effort.

See Min Tan says:

This is President Duterte; he talk he do. Not from NATO!!!

Angela Khoo says:

I hate violence BUT if it brings justice , peace , harmony n progress please go ahead . He is truly risking his life to bring down the evil doers AND those who do nothing ( law enforcers – shame on you ) . Karma will decide what is good n who is bad.

Jack Chan says:

This is the only way to clean up the mess!

Zhou Weihong says:

Somebody just need to do the job!! Those who think long term will eventually understand what he do.

Meanwhile, Filipino netizens who found the Facebook thread of Channel News Asia thanked the Singaporeans for expressing their support to President Duterte’s campaign to rid the Philippines of illegal drugs by flooding the positive comments of the Singaporeans with ‘LIKES’

Kami Kalpesh says:

thank you for all of your support i hope our president can read all of this support coming from other nation. i hope my fellow countrymen can read your support hoping they will also give this kind of support to the man who dearly love his country even till death…he had always been true to his words even before he was the president…

But some Singaporeans expressed their reservation on President Duterte’s ability to rid the country of its ills just like the commenter below.

Kopitiam Kini says:

LKY once repeated what Deng Siao Ping was believed to have said about the massacre at Tiananmen Square on 4 June 1989. “‘If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it” Philippine definitely needs more than one Duterte to save it from many more years of social disorder. One Duterte is not enough.

Source: Channel News Asia


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