Singer Jimmy Bondoc reveals dark secret of mainstream media when dealing with rising artist who decline their invitation to guest their shows

Singer/Composer and PAGCOR Director Jimmy Bondoc indirectly defended BBM from criticism in the wake of his decision not accept the invitation of Jessica Soho to be interviewed like his fellow presidential aspirants.

Bondoc remarked that mainstream media is not the voice of the people but merely here for business. He agreed that when they start bullying people to remain relevant, they should be called out.

Bondoc claimed this style of the networks has been around for a long time. For example, if they want to guest a rising singer or artist and declined the invitation, the network will get back by painting him or her arrogant or an ingrate

Bondoc said this is bad and evil and plain and simple bullying.

Bondoc urged the public not to let a liar and bully triumph.

If you want to test BBM, Bondoc urged mainstream media to allow other media platforms to have BBM interviewed with huge following.

Netizens commented to share their thoughts on Bondoc’s FB post.

Let the candidates face each other in a debate that is sponsored by a non partisan, independent panel composed of brilliant minds on every issue facing the country. This way, we can judge who among these HONORABLE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES is worth voting for to lead the country….

Tama at hindi kawalan ng mga SUPPORTERS ni BBM ang hindi pumunta sa interview² na yan hindi sila ang IMPORTANTE. Solid pa rin

Exactly! If there is freedom of the press, there is also freedom to refuse interview! Jessica Sohol is not in authority to force BBM to attend the said interview! BBM is a front runner so there’s no need for publicity!

Pagka sikat at pwede nilang pagkakitaan iinvite nila Yan para iguest sa program nila.. ganyang mga galawan Ng mga bias na network n mga iyan dapat sa mga iyan wag pag aksayahan Ng Oras..

Thank you jimmy bondoc sa isang sampal sa mga main stream media na mga salaula. C PRRD matagala na nlang binubully wag na tayong magpauto sa mga may pansariling interest lamang. Bayan Bangon Muli


Source: SMNI News

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