“SINO ang kapani-paniwala sa ating dalawa?” — Jay Sonza’s asks Ellen Tordesillas after Vera Files fact-checked his FB post re Drilon

An apparently furious Jay Sonza took to Facebook to retaliate against the Ellen Tordesillas’ run Vera Files after his FB post was fact-checked for his remarks of the Drilon interview with CNN Philippines Pinky Webb. [Link here]

In a Facebook post, Sonza remarked that Ms. Vera Files (Ellen Tordesillas) has zero experience on TV works. “Ms. Vera Files has no single man hours of experience on television works.”

In other words, Ms. Vera Files pales in comparison to him in terms of broadcasting experience. “Sa madaling salita, wala siya ni katiting na karanasan sa trabaho sa broadcast. In other words, you have NO AUTHORITY AND CREDIBILITY to talk about television or broadcasting.”

Sonza went on to recite his long list of experience in TV and radio broadcasting to throw shades at Ms. Vera Files and to back up his assertion. “I spent almost four (4) decades and the best years of my life as news director, news manager, program presenter (news anchor, public affairs host, talk show host) supervising producer, producer, associate producer, segment producer, head writer, writer, deskman, technical director, director, floor director, cameraman, VTR man, lightman, production assistant, make up artist, cable man, sound man, teleprompter operator, ENG reporter, video editor, station manager, president of a network and practically all there is to radio and television.”

Sonza boasted that he is an expert of all the jobs related to broadcasting and he has technical and production awards numbering almost 100, both local and international, to prove it. “Bihasa ako sa halos lahat ng galawan sa broadcasting. And for all this dedicated works, I have received both technical and production (on and off camera) awards numbering 95, national and international.”

On this note, Sonza asked socmed who they think have realistic observation of what is happening on TV blah, blah to tell whether Drilon was guilty as charged or not? “Sino ang mas makatotohanan sa pagmamasid sa galawan sa TV? Sino ang may karapatang magsabi kung ________ si Frank Drilon sa set ng CNN Philippines in a live interview with Pinky Webb?”

Sonza said Ms. Webb almost broke into laughteras soon as she saw the senator did his thing. “Kulang na lang nga na bumulalas ng tawa si Ms. Webb ng humilik ang naka_______ na senador.”

Sonza then posed the one million dollar question to his socmed followers: “SINO ang kapani-paniwala sa ating dalawa?

Sonza also shared a trivia about them. “BTW, both of us (Ms VF and myself were opinion writers/columnists) used to work for Malaya and Abante (Monica Publications)”

Sonza then shifted to Cebuano to address Ellen Tordesillas, since both of them are Bisaya. “Ms. Vera Files, bisaya man ka Inday. Binisay-on ko na lang ni, ayaw intawon og pakaulaw kay dili man ka Taga Argao, Cebu nga gibantog sa pangilad sa panahon ni mampor (no pun intended). Taga Antique ka Nene, lugar na sinasabing madami ang wakwak o manananggal.”

Sonza ended the FB post confessing that they also share the same dialect, Karay-a. “I come from Northern Iloilo (Sta.Barbara), pareho gid kita nga karay-a. Sandangdarawa.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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