“Sino uli ang fake news?” Fiery lawyer asks Rappler to fact check Robredo, Pangilinan and Aquino for peddling fake news?

While pro-Duterte bloggers and Facebook pages have been at the crosshair of Facebook anointed fact-checkers like Rappler and Vera Files, the same cannot be said of opposition bloggers and Duterte critics.

On this note, lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a pro-Duterte social media blogger, wants to change the dynamics in favor of her beleaguered colleagues.

Just today, Angeles took to Facebook calling out the attention of the so-called fact-checkers (hello Rappler and Vera Files) daring them to investigate the alleged “fake news” peddled by the likes of Robredo, Aquino and Pangilinan.

Check out the full text of Angeles’ Facebook post below.

“Lets run down this week’s fake news, shall we?

First Leni decides to move Philippine territorial waters further north towards Vietnam, trying the usual scare tactics about Chinese bombers. Sadly, they landed in the Paracels which isn’t even in our EEZ.

Kiko Pangilinan gets in on the act and insists that they (meaning the Liberal Party and his cohorts) cannot not protest the violation of our sovereignty when China built a military installation. Nakalimutan nga lang nya na yung structure ng China ay nasa EEZ natin. Sovereign rights lang ang meron. Hindi sovereignty. And oh, by the way, PNoy did not protest it when it was first being built DURING HIS TERM. Nakalimutan din ni Kiko.

Finally, militants and Bam Aquino ask for the removal of TRAIN implying that the high cost of fuel is it’s direct result. Sigh. Most of us know by now that it is the world’s fuel prices that increased.

Sino uli ang fake news?


Netizen Butch Gempesaw joined Angeles in calling out Rappler. “Facebook, rappler at verafiles ayan inisa isa na ni atty ang fake news… ano na fact check nyo ba o na fuck na kayo ng pera!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dale Gaabucayan could only thank social media for giving netizens access to information and fact check what mainstream feeds to the public. “Good thing social media exist, if not, marami na naman maloloko since the mainstream media is fully controlled by liberals.”

Netizen Tey Tenorio expressed disbelief in light of Angeles’ revelation. “I still cannot believe we have people in the government, holding high positions, ignorant of so many things.”

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