Skeptics doubt Duterte can talk beyond peace and order, but more than impressed after this business event

Skeptics accused Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of being a one-dimensional leader whose forte is peace and order and nothing else.

Ramon Lopez

Ramon Lopez of Go Negosyo

But wait! There is more than meets the eye, according to two prominent personalities in the business industry. This video should once and for all prove, he is equal to the task if not a much better choice amongst the 5 Presidential candidates.

Boo Chanco of the long-running Philstar column “Demand and Supply” admitted in his column today that listening to Duterte spoke in person during the Go Negosyo Forum changed his impression on the man he thought could nothing more than media sound bites.

It was my first time to see and listen to Rody Duterte talk live about his candidacy and I was curious if he can do more than a media sound bite. Duterte spoke for more than half an hour without interruption during the Go Negosyo forum last week and he wasn’t bad at all.

Mr. Chanco wrote that he was skeptical if Mayor Duterte could go beyond the topic of peace and order which is obviously the forte of the Mayor of Davao City but he admitted, Duterte sold him why everything starts from peace and order.

I was skeptical about his ability to go beyond his favorite topic of peace and order, but he seems to understand economic and other issues. He also made a convincing explanation why everything starts from peace and order.

Ramon Lopez, the Go Negosyo Executive Director and host of the event, agrees with Boo Chanco’s assessment that beyond the topic of peace and order, Mayor Duterte has a good handle of the economy.

Likewise, Mr. Lopez agrees with the line of thinking of Mayor Duterte that if the peace and order situation in the country is good, then it can help in the development of the country’s business climate.

He also like what he heard from Mayor Duterte when the latter was asked about the drastic changes he intend to do to support entrepreneurship upon assuming office and that is “speeding up the business registration process.”

Overall, Mr. Lopez says that Mayor Duterte is ok for business because he knows what his priorities are, like replicating what he has done in Davao.

Please watch the video below for more details of the interview.

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Sources: Rappler and Boo Chanco of Philstar


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