So Kiko, if you can’t fix your home, how can you fix your country? —radio host and blogger Mark Lopez

Radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez can’t help but express his admiration for KC Concepcion in his latest FB post for throwing her support behind Kiko’s VP bid, despite everything.

Bilib din ako kay KC… solid ang support sa stepfather nya, despite everything.

But Lopez can’t say the same of Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan.

Meanwhile, yung nanay nya eh parang torn between TitoSen and sa kanyang asawa.

Lopez found it perplexing that Ms. Sharon needed to make it a public spectacle in choosing who to support for VP when as the spouse, Senator Kiko is an automatic choice.

Makes you think bakit hindi outright kay Kiko ang boto and kailangan pa nya i-express yung ganyang sentiment. And bakit kailangan pa nya i-shoutout sa public ano?

Something’s not right, di ba? For the added drama ba? Lopez asked.

Lopez saw the irony that the stepdaughter showed more conviction that the spouse.

Anyways, how ironic that the stepdaughter has more conviction than the spouse.

Lopez concluded that Kiko has a huge problem in his own household.

Kaya malaki talaga problema ni Kiko. Mismo sa bahay nya hindi solid.

Lopez warned Senator Kiko Pangilinan that unless he fixed the issue at home, Sharon and KC might fly to the US again because it is their safe haven.

Kapag hindi mo yan naayos Kiko, baka takbuhan ka ulet si Ate Shawie pa USA, and baka sumama si KC. After all, safe haven na nila America, and baka greencard holders na rin.

So Kiko, if you can’t fix your home, how can you fix your country? Lopez asked.

Lopez ended the brief FB post with an intriguing line.

Oo nga pala, isa ka pala sa sumira.

Here are some of the comments of netizens to Lopez’s post.

We understand and respect KC’s decision because family first. But hopefully she is intelligent enough to do the same for those who are not convinced to vote for KP, wrote one netizen.

Kelangan lang magstand ni KC since she knows her actions could be used against her and it would reflect her family. Matalino talaga siya.On the other hand, ewan kung saan pupulutin yang mismong pamilya niya since we all know why KC have been an “outsider” all these years kaya kinailangan tumayo sa sariling mga paa,🤷 another netizen defended KC’s stance on the issue.

Torn between 2 PLASTIC LOVERS 😅😅😅c KC at SHAWIE, remarked another netizen.


Source: Mark Lopez

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