So, Trillanes represented an NGO in UN conference in Austria, but not as a senator. Do you agree this is wrong? Please join the debate now!

If you were a senator and went out badmouthing your President in front of foreign audience, would you like the world to brand you a traitor of your country?

Perhaps, that’s the reason why Senator Antonio Trillanes IV elected to go incognito by deciding to fly to Vienna, Austria for the UN Drugs and Crime Conference as a representative of an NGO rather than as a Philippine senator.

The ID of Trillanes shown below in the said event clearly says it all.

Credits to Sass Rogando Sasot for the photo.

Political commentator and international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot wants the senate to look into this matter, in light of the information that the same NGO Trillanes represented was behind the Leno Robredo “palit-ulo” video released for international audience, bringing embarrassment to the Philippines in the international community.

Through a video message, Vice President Leni Robredo brings to the world’s attention the troubles in President Rodrigo…

Posted by Antonio Daganta Abucejo on Sunday, March 26, 2017

“The ID of Trillanes. He attended the UN Drugs and Crime Conference in Vienna, Austria NOT as a Philippine Senator but part of an NGO — DRCNet Foundation. It’s the same foundation that featured that idiotic “palit ulo” video message from Leni Robredo last year.

Oi, Senate President, galaw galaw!”

Netizen Stella Ramirez says what Trillanes did is illegal. “If you are a senator you don’t represent anything outside of your government unless you are not active in office. Bawal yan fafa Antonia!!!”

Albert Siaotong could only asks in frustration why the senate refuses to act on Trillanes when he has repeatedly committed defied travel ban of government official and employees. “Why senate leadership allowed him to travel if such trip is not a government official visit? He did this in so many occasions already and yet Sen Pimentel is not making any action so far to instill disciplinary action against this attack dog.”

Tess Salvio remarks that if the NGO paid for Trillanes’ trip, then this is illegal. “If the NGO paid for his travel, illegal po. As a government employee, you are accepting another form of payment.”

Meanwhile, some netizens couldn’t help but turn their frustration to Senate President Koko Pimentel for turning a blind eye to Trillanes behavior as a senator.

Joey Garcia remarks that Pimentel is either toothless (referring to the metaphor ‘toothless tiger’) or a senate president without balls: “wala kc pangil oh tigas ang nasa senate President ngayun oh walang bayag lang talaga kala ko ba topnotcher cya nuon ng bar bat wala yatang power oh nagbubulagbulagan lang talaga c koko pimentel 😈😈😈😈👊👊👊👊”

Emerson Saligumba says Koko Pimentel is obviously a Yellow right from the get-go.: “Tatak dilaw yang si Koko simula palang. Duda nako sa kanya noon dahil naaatim niya na magmukang perya ang senado. Mas ok pa sa kanya sina enrile at villar eh. Ewan ko ba at di ko na napagkatiwalaan yang manong na yan..”

Let me leave you with J Vito Genson remarks on Trillanes’ dropping his title as senator in favor of the NGO ID when he attended the UN conference of Drugs and Crime in Austria. Note: the commenter intentionally misspelled Trillanes family name ti imply something. “Trillianes should be investigated by the Senate to check his foreign travels. For non-official travels, he should use his personal Passport & not his Diplomatic Passport. Senator Koko should look into this matter seriously as Trillianes is using his position as Senator. Its high time the Filipinos consider that Trillianes should not be voted again.”

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