So what now after SPO3 Lascanas committed perjury? Journalist Ira Panganiban discuss his fate on Facebook post

After SPO3 Lascanas retracted his senate testimony,  I know you are curious what will happen to SP03 Arturo Lascanas after committing perjury.

According to journalist Ira Panganiban, if a witness commits perjury or admit to making lies under oath, any further testimony from the witness is no longer acceptable.

In case one of the senators decide to pin down Lascanas for perjury, Panganiban said the former will be standing between a rock and a hard place.

Check the full post below.

So what will happen if the Senate makes patol the testimony of SPO3 Arturo Lascanas?

Well, thing is, Lascanas is already a perjured witness having made testify earlier under oath na totoo yung sabi niya.

And sabi the law, if you perjure yourself or admit to making sinungaling under oath, wala na of your further testimony will be made ka-tanggap-tanggap anymore.

That means, his sabi will not be accepted and he may be kulong for making sinungaling under oath.

Medyo hard maging Lascanas right now if one abogado will pin him down for perjury.

And many of the senators are good abogados!!!

Social media people have varied reactions to the post. One netizen theorized that Lascanas is gaming Trillanes.

Joel Saldajeno  commented: It will be really funny if this guy is just a bait to identify the mastermind in the plan behind the president’s ouster. Then reveal it at the right moment. I will pay big money to see it play out.hahaha.”

Netizen Luise Pastrana stated the obvious: It is to make hakot the madla kaya they make ingay – bank accounts, delima’s arrest, feb 25, cbcp’s pronouncements, leni’s speaking engagements. It’s all parte of a plan to make hakot and make people power be like rally. Make busina for hustisya!”

Magali Ama remarked: “Another destabilising nuisance…just like obnoxious farting…”

Netizen Jcee Esureña said its possible the life of Lascanas family is in danger:  “Sa tingin ko dyan napilitan lang si lascañas baka may treat ang buhay ng pamilya nya..”

How about you? What is your take on the issue?

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