Social media expert on latest SWS survey: “This survey was taken at the height of the Kian murder when #JusticeForKian trended”

While the opposition are in jovial mood amidst 18-point drop in PRRD’s net satisfaction rating, a n FB post cautions critics not to celebrate prematurely.

Franco Mabanta, a social media strategist for multinational companies in the Philippines, took to Facebook giving his two cent’s worth of the latest SWS result wherein Duterte’s net satisfaction rating took a dive by 18 points.

According to Mabanta, Duterte’s drop in the SWS survey is not alarming just yet. In fact, he cautioned military adventurist that Duterte’s numbers are still a DREAM percentage for any and all politicians.

Mabanta’s post read:

I’ll be balanced.

Here’s the survey the opposition has been waiting for with baited breath. Duterte’s approval rating takes a substantial hit in September.

Notes for those who don’t know how to read these things:

1. All democratic presidents the world over live and die by these charts. If your ultimate objective is to unseat a nation’s leader, you can’t do it if his numbers are high. Gets too messy and you will inevitably lose anyway.

2. This current approval rating — although much lower — is still a DREAM percentage for any and all politicians. For clarity and perspective: in spite of the dip, I highly doubt an American president has had ratings as high as these in decades. That’s how strong Du30 was/is.

3. This survey was taken at the height of the Kian murder, when #JusticeForKian was the only beat on the social pulse. Now that Kian’s parents are onboard and the issue isn’t as fiery, I expect the PRRD train to get back on the rails and the rating to elevate once more.

Obviously, other events could prevent that from happening and/or I could simply be wrong. My bare analysis. 👟

Netizen Rossanna Espinosa offers her take on the SWS survey. “2 Characteristics of a survey: validity and reliability. Which both lacks SWS survey. It should be independent and not biased. And who are the respondents in this survey? Some random 100 people. That clearly doesn’t shows the pulse of the majority of Filipino people. The number 1 victim of such propagandas of fake news / fake surveys was PGMA. She was dubbed as the most “unpopular” president then. Now that the truth is coming out how the playing field is. Anyone with the right mind will no longer believe such surveys.”

Tolits Palencia wants Malacanang to take this as a challenge. “As per survey, the socio-economic class that have declined is from D&E. The admin should take this as a challenge. This may even continue to drop if not given the appropriate attention (ie. jobs, access to affordable foods, confidence from not being implicated in police drug operation or targeted from vigilante killing, and empowerment). So much yet to be done.”

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