Social media feel scandalized after Ping Lacson calls critics of new P8-B senate building “small-minded”!

The senate just broke ground 5 days ago for their new P8.9B home at the Naval Village in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Senators like Villanueva, Gatchalian and Zubiri were all smiles as Senate President Sotto lowered the ceremonial time capsule into the hole.

However, it appears that public opinion is divided on the issue and Twitter netizens are the noisiest and loudest critics of the new senate building.

In fact, Senator Ping Lacson was so pissed he lashed at the noisy critics, calling em small-minded in one of his tweets while strongly defending the new senate home.

To the small-minded critics, I dare say, the Senate building is not for us. We are leaving the institution soon. We want the succeeding generations of lawmakers who will come after us to behave and act with the dignity of an edifice that is iconic, green, functional and secure.

Lacson then made a follow-up tweet explaining that the senate has been renting for the last 100 years and has been paying P171M yearly rent for a cramped, worn-out and undignified place called the GSIS Building.

Lacson’s tirade on Twitter did not go unnoticed and unchecked.

Twitter descended upon Lacson to give their piece mind at the senator who just branded them “small-minded” for criticizing what they branded as the “lavish” home of senators and in one occasion, serves as a panic room when one of their kind wants to evade the police out to serve an arrest warrant.

Engkantu @engkantu said that this issue reminds him of North Korea’s Kim Jung Un splurging on luxury scars while his people are starving.

This reminds me of Kim Jung Un, buying luxury cars while his people are starving.. for him to look nice and dandy??? 🙂 but criticising that is being small mindedness..

Jojo Castaneda @jojo_castaneda believed that the P8B could have been to better use for the AFP modernization for a strong AFP not for the small-minded senators have added no value to 105 million citizens.

But with the quality of small minded senators present today …( your exempted Sen Ping) , the P8B could be for our AFP modernization ( we need a strong AFP ) not this new building for future Senators who will be have no value added to us 105 million citizens

Netizen Drew @drewsantiago67 thinks a decent building is unnecessary when the people inside are a bunch of clowns and puppets. He suggested the CCP and other theaters are more suited for our present crop of senators.

Sir aanhin naman namin yang gara ng senate bldg kung ang mga gumagalaw sa loob e mga clowns and puppets? Pwed naman nilang gamitin ang CCP at ibang theaters…

A livid Pilo Sopa @mauragonini reminded Lacson that the people he called “small-minded” are the ones paying for his salary.

Kung maka small minded Naman. Yang mga small minded na yan Ang nagpapasuweldo sa inyo at magbababayad Ng building ninyo. 🤨

Dindo RD @12DindoRD hinted the the senators need ‘values and character rebuilding not a new building.

Sir, how about rebuilding the values and character of the Senators? Any immediate plans for this?

🇵🇭 @notosmile couldn’t hide one’s anger that for senators “to behave and act with the dignity …” they need an 8-B new building.

hospitals,schools, housing…is more important than an extravagant Senate building? 🤔 8-B building to house 24 senators and their staff?

“to behave and act with the dignity …” so it depend pala sa place…🧐

Self-confessed Lacson supporter boydura @boydura cannot hide one’s disappointment with the senator. Told Lacson he should do the explaining instead to the small-minded critics dying in makeshift hospitals and small-minded students studying under the trees because these people have dignities too.

Tell that to those small-minded critics who are dying in makeshift hospitals. Tell that those small-minded students who are studying under the trees. Those people have dignities too! I used to admire but defending that lavish building is proving you are one of them. Puweeeh!

Netizen Arnaldo @withonespast tweeted that it bothers the public that an institution like the senate, who questions and investigates excess in government, is now in the process of building a home that costs billions and also at the time when the public is talking who can build a dam that would solve the water crisis the cheapest.

That’s an institution that questions and investigates excess in government, the building’s cost is in the billions, in a time we’re talking who can build a dam that would address our water problems the cheapest. I guess this is what’s bothering us small minded tax paying critics

Meanwhile on Facebook, netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes lashed at Senator Ping Lacson for the “small-minded” remarks, calling it “arrogance and is definitely uncalled for”.

Dear Mr. Senator,

You know I like you and I agree with many of your opinions. However, I cannot, for the life of me, agree with your below statement.

Excuse me Sir, but one does not need an 8-billion building for the present & future generations of lawmakers to behave and act w/ dignity.

Senators Joker Arroyo, Juan Flavier, Miriam Santiago, Jovito Salonga, Raul Roco, and several others, yourself included, did not need one. (Or is that your indirect way of saying that our current set of senators are misbehaving & are not acting with dignity now because of the old edifice you’re in? 😜)

More so, it is arrogance and is definitely uncalled for to label those who do not agree with that extravagance as small-minded. At least, not when and not while these “small-minded” are the ones paying the hefty salaries & heftier allowances of the “genius” lawmakers. Not when these “small-minded” are the ones who’ll suffer the consequence or end up in debt for that grandiose edifice.

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