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Social media heckles at Rep. Alejano for making this comment: Duterte ’40 years late’ in sending troops to occupy islands

Alejano criticized on social media

Alejano criticized on social media

For sure, Senator Trillanes’ protegé is quickly learning from his mentor by milking every opportunity to get media mileage at the expense of Duterte.

Yes, you got it right. I am speaking about Magdalo representative Gary C. Alejano who have been vocal, very vocal in expressing his mind against Duterte.

Rumors has it that Alejano is poised to make a senate run to replace Trillanes since the latter is no longer eligible for re-election so that explains his tenacity to squeeze every juice of publicity from issues he could get his hands on.

I bet you’ve noticed this already!

In fact, he has been very visible lately by leading the impeachment case against President Duterte.

Alejano might not be the mastermind in the impeachment case against the president but he has been very visible in mainstream media by acting as the face of the movement to oust Duterte.

And true to his form as Trillanes’ protegé, Alejano is making another ruckus online by issuing a mocking statement against Duterte’s order to send soldiers to the Philippine-owned islands in the Spratly.

Check out the screengrab of Rep. Alejano’s remarked on Pres. Duterte’s order to occupy the islands in the Spratly. Click the image below to read Rep. Alejano’s statement.

The Magdalo Congressman’s remarked did sit well with netizens especially the late Senator Miriam Santiago’s sister, Paula Knack and took to Facebook expressing her mind in light of the inflammatory statement made by Rep. Alejano.

However, Ms. Paula Knack expressed her thoughts via a meme accompanied by a sharp remark  directed against Alejano.

“Daming alimango !!! Mas magaling pa kesa Pangulo na abogado ! 🙂
Mali lagi ang Pangulo — IKAW NA 🙂 🙂 :)”
In the meme, Ms. Knack uses “alimango” or crab to describe Rep. Alejano.  I assumed you already the point so I don’t see the need to explain this further.

She said that these crabs (Alejano and his supporters) could either be used as a shield from missile attacks or buried in the sea, together with his fellow crabs so they could discuss who’s gonna be the cook. Sorry for the imperfect translation (: ! Check the meme below for your reference.

Let us check out how the social media reacts. Read below!

Melchor Vergara commented: what an idiot… Marcos built up our armed forces to protect our territories, it was during the first aquino admin when we started losing them, beginning with Sabah.”

Jane Alicante asked: ” Saan kaya nanggaling hugot ni Alejano? 40 years late? Anong ipinaglalaban nila kung gayon?”

Belen Inal-Banerjee said:totoong may forever– stupidity. Congratulations to Alejano dahil hinakot nya lahat ng katangahan.”

Your thoughts, please!

Source: Paula Knack

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