Social media influencer after watching Robin Padilla interview with Karen Davila: Told you, he’s no dumb. Hindi lahat ng artista ay mangmang

Told you, he’s no dumb. Hindi lahat ng artista ay mangmang.

This is the brief reaction of social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes after watching a snippet of the ANC interview of senatorial aspirant and actor Robin Padilla with Karen Davila.

Reyes’ comment on Robin Padilla’s performance in the Karen Davila interview who tried in vain to make Padilla looked like he is undeserving of his top 12 rankings in the latest polls among senatorial applicants but failed terribly has been echoed by netizens as well.

One netizen, apparently an OFW, commented that Robin Padilla just proved in the video interview with Karen Davila that they did not make a mistake of voting Robin Padilla.

This is great! You did not disappoint me Sir Robin at pinatotohanan mo lang na hindi kami nagkamali sa pagboto sa’yo. I know you will do great for the benefits of our Filipino people and our great nation, and you will prove the naysayers wrong. You have the heart and that’s what separates you from the rest. Good luck and God Bless!

A second added that Robin knows and understand what he is talking about.

I can feel his sincerity and passion to be a public servant, he knows and understand what he’s talking about I believe he’s very qualified to be in a public office Go Robin !!!

A third said that all Karen Davila’s questions were loaded with traps but Robin was good so he did not fall for any of it.

Lahat ng tanong parang patibong… Buti na lng galing sumagot ni idol..

A fourth commenter remarked that Karen Davila just gave Robin Padilla the platform to show that he knows the nuances of the job of a senator. Hence, he is voting Robin Padilla.

Hahahaha! They just gave him a platform to display the fact that he is capable of and knows the nuances of the job of a senator. He is knowledgeable but Davila tries to trip him at every turn and fails. I VOTE FOR ROBIN PADILLA!

A fifth commented that the interviewer was exposed as dense intellectually but just pretending to be.

Yung nag iinterview ang mangmang na ngffeeling matalino at pilit ngmamagaling…👊👊👊 lalo kaming bilib sau tol idol Robin Padilla😎😎😎🙌🙌🙌


Source: ANC


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