Social media influencer MJ Reyes on Robredo siblings calling mom “Dra. Leni Robredo”: why not coconut! Walang basagan ng trip

The tweets of Robredo siblings calling their mom Dra Leni Robredo has created quite a ruckus among Pinoy netizens, particularly the Duterte and Marcos supporters.

Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes grudgingly agrees with the Robredo siblings in calling their mother “Dra Leni Robredo” in the wake of a new honorary degree conferred on her by the Ateneo de Manila University.

But before that, Reyes lectured the Robredo siblings that honoris causa recipients do not enjoy professional privileges as individuals who have earned degrees. Simply put, honorary doctorate doesn’t confer titles.

Here are the comments of netizens below.

One netizen commented that Leni Robredo can have all the academic titles but no matter what, her brain cells remain inconsequential.

She can claim all the academic titles that she wish but the braincells remain irrelevant ahahahahah!

A second netizen joked that perhaps the Robredo siblings can add architecture title to their mom.

Baka Gusto niya pang dagdagan ng Architecture ,ang degree ni Madam, puro drawing naman ang Mama niya😁

A third netizen shared an admirable anecdote about a famous Mexican tenor who was conferred an honoris cause and uses it but with a slight twist.

The famous Mexican tenor and outstanding voice teacher, Francisco Araiza, places PhD (hc) after his name, to indicate that his PhD degree is only honoris causa. A sign of humility.

A fourth netizen has his own story to tell about famous people or politicians who do disdain using “Dr” as prefix even if she is a PhD holder.

hmm. former pres gma has real doctorate in economics, but she was never addressed as dra. hindi honoris causa un ha, totoong nag-aral.

A fifth showed netizens the appropriate way to behave after receiving one’s PhD.

It is recommended to list honorary degree in the awards section of the curriculum vitae and not in the education section. Recipients should not refer themselves as “doctor,” nor should they use the title on business cards or in any correspondence. Yours, Rogen A. Doronila, PhD

You may now read MJ Quiambao Reyes’ original FB post below.

Honoris Causa or Honorary degrees are not Ph. D.s. The recipients are not entitled to the same professional privileges as individuals who have earned degrees. Unlike an earned doctorate, an honorary doctorate doesn’t confer titles. 🤭But if you really want to call her Atty Dra, why not coconut! Walang basagan ng trip. 😜


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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