Social media influencer MJ Reyes slams Dilawans for blaming Leni Robredo’s gender why VP continues to perform poorly in surveys

Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes lambasted the Dilawans on her latest FB post for playing the gender card, saying that Filipinos aren’t voting for Leni Robredo because she’s a woman.

Reyes said the Dilawans are wrong to play the gender card because Sara Duterte is a woman and was the top choice for president last year before she decided to slide as BBM’s VP and now enjoys an overwhelming favorite to win the VP race.

If Filipino voters don’t want Leni Robredo, it is not because of her gender but rather due to her perceived weaknesses or shortcomings.

Reyes ended the brief sermon by leaving the Dilawans a sound advice what to do if they really want Robredo to win by stopping making excuses and start highlighting her strengths and competence assuming she has some.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

So simple. Accept the truth! And the right thing, choose the most competent and has sincerest desire to serve his countrymen with love, vision, dedication, advocacy and resources. Keep from fooling yourself!In short,Have your common sense!!! BBM-SARAH na sa May 9, 2022!!!

That’s their biggest problem, leni has nothing to offer but motherhood statement and to prevent the leading presidential aspirant from winning! Let’s give her a big hand on both sides of the face!

And stop playing the Mama card also, ginagaya nya lang si PRRD kasi Tatay Digong ang tawag sa kanya at patok yun at natural sa kanya na tawagin na Tatay Digong.

Wagas sila makagamit ng gender card pag si Leni at De Lima. Pero kung si Mocha at Sara di applicable para sa kanila. #Dilawan #hypocrisy

You may read Reyes’ original FB post below now.

Enough playing the gender card. That’s so 1920s.

See, Inday Sara is a woman and was the top choice as prexy last year and now enjoys an overwhelming lead on all recent surveys among VP contenders.

If ayaw ng tao sa kandidato nyo, hindi yun dahil sa kasarian nya kundi sa nakikitang kahinaan nya.

If you truly believe in your mama and really want to help her win, then stop making up excuses and start highlighting her character and competence (assuming she has some).


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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