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Social media influencer’s serious question posed about the tribal ritual performed on Leni Robredo elicited laughs from netizens?

A photo of Leni Robredo with a plate of fried chicken held over hear head, apparently a tribal ritual being performed for the Vice President while in a campaign sortie in Bukidnon has been making the rounds on Facebook.

Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes posed a serious question to her FB followers: Sa mga nakakaalam, ano po ba ang tawag sa ritwal na yan? Seryosong tanong.

Instead of being treated seriously, 7,700 out of 8,200 netizens reacted to Reyes’ query by hitting the laugh emoji on Facebook.

Some netizens took the question seriously though and gave truthful answers.


To which another netizen also concurred.

Looks like its its a ritual of the Talaandig tribe in Bukidnon. That is a cooked chicken on a plate that everyone present in the ritual are encouraged to partake. It is also done in welcoming visitors, and what’s in the picture is probably a part of the ritual where they are asking their God for a blessing to Robredo .And yes, lets show respect to our Indigenous Peoples

A netizen who hails from the Cordillera agreed with the comment of the above commenter that the ritual undeniably was performed by the Talaandig tribe because it shares similarities with Ifugao rituals.

It looks like a tribal ritual of the Talaandig in Bukidnon. We, Ifugaos, in the Cordillera, have similarities in traditional practices with the Talaandig. This enables Ifugaos in Bukidnon (with greatest concentration in Maagnao) to peacefully coexist with the Talaandig. Intermarriages between the two tribes result to mixed breeds forging a stronger relationship.

Meanwhile, some netizens criticized Robredo for politicizing our customary rituals.

My opinion, customary rituals regardless of tribe must not be used in any form of politicking.. Politicians are the most individuals disrespect tribal rituals just to satisfy interest..Sad reality, Tribal Leaders volunteer themselves to be exploited by these kind of people. .

I respect our tribes and their traditions. But I don’t like not even trust that woman.

Sa mga tulad kong ayaw na ayaw kay nanay Leni sana sana wag nating idamay yung mga kapatid nating IPs dahil kultura na nila yang ritwal na dapat respetuhin

This netizen remarked that no amount of ritual can help Leni Robredo rise in the presidential surveys if she continues to respond to appear “lutang” in the interviews.

Kahit anong ritwal pa.. pag ang iyong hangarin bilang candidate sa pagka pangulo ay hindi bukal sa inyong kalooban at patuloy kang lutang sa lahat nang interview patuloy paring bababa ang iyong survey rating hangang sa election.

This netizen joked that what Leni needs is to perform ritual to the voters, perhaps it will change their minds and vote for her.

Dapat yung niriritwal ang mga taong Boboto po sa inyo baka sakaling magbago ang Isip…. kahit ilang Ritwal man yan or Blessing or kahit na anu pang paniniwala pag ayaw ng Tao.. Hindi ka talaga Iboboto…

Ritual po yan para magbigay ng sustansya sa utak ng isang tao  joked another netizen.

Here’s the wrap up of Leni Robredo’s Bukidnon campaign sortie.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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