Social media on viral photo of embattled CJ Sereno in deep prayer amidst impeachment case: “Photo-ops!”

A photo of CJ Lourdes Sereno showing her in deep prayer while attending a Catholic mass has been making the rounds online recently.

However, the photo has been drawing mixed reactions from social media, mostly negative against the embattled Chief Justice after lawyer Larry Gadon filed an impeachment complaint against Sereno in Congress.

Let us round up the commentaries on social media including from prominent pro-Duterte bloggers.

Krizette Laureta Chu writes:

“When you’re not Catholic but you have to be Catholic for the photo ops….”

RG Nieto popularly known as “Thinking Pinoys” writes:

“Akala ko ba e born again siya?

Bakit sa Katolikong simbahan sa UP nakaluhod?”

Daisy Mae Birog asks:

“Diba they are using God to get sympathy? How pathetic. Ganyang-ganyan ang parents ko, matapos nilang mang-api nang bonggang-bongga, magpapakita kunwari na nagdarasal sila at nanonood ng misa para ipakita na proprotektahan sila ng Diyos! Mga hipokrito….”

Laurie Leslie Lee Tan remarks that this gimmick is familiar to her.

“They have the same publicity formula: when being confronted by their wrongdoings, they: 1) claim it’s all political persecution. When that doesn’t seem to sell, they 2) get interviewed by Mareng winnie or Karen Davila to give them platform to “air their side”. When they still do not get any sympathy, they 3) make press statements saying that democracy is about doing their job and they hope the President or the government will see that. They shall not be “controlled” nor “dictated upon” by the President. When no one buys that, they 4) proceed to go to Church, with media in tow, with all the hulabalu of “praying” as if saying that God is on “their” side because they are “righteous.” Their drama is just one formula. “

Tribu Adame remarks:

“This lady’s level of hypocrisy is astonishing….!!!”

Meanwhile, some looks kindly at CJ Sereno, giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Jeffrey Rodriguez says:

“Im a Christian and Im a Pro Duterte. I will disagree with DDS this time. Christianity is a personal relationship with God NOT A RELIGION. As a Christian you can serve and praise God anywhere and in any church.”

Your reaction?

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