Social media react to PhilStar article glorifying fallen female NPA guerilla in Batangas encounter

The public has always been suspicious as to where the heart of Philippine media really lies.

Take note when a criminal or a rebel dies at the hands of the military or the police as a result of an armed encounter, the Philippine media will publish an article glorifying his or her death.

Whatever their motivation, let us leave it to the imagination of the public.

Check out how Rappler put a spin to the death of Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon by publishing an article about how he used to skipped classes for running errands in school. [Link here]

When a UP Manila BioChem student Josephine Anne Lapira was killed in Batangas together with alleged members of the NPA’s in an armed encounter with the members of the Armed Forces, the Philippine Star published an article dedicated to the fallen rebel. [Link here]

The PhilStar article described the fallen NPA as a “pint-sized woman with a big heart for the country” and a “martyr”.

Netizens quickly noticed the spin and pounded the keyboard to express their sentiment in the comment section.

Rogelio Ponte Soler reacts:

“Bigheart for the npa? Ito ang mga eskolar ng bayan? Sayang lang ang perang ginastos ng pamahalaan sa mga batang ito.”

Harold Tan writes:

“ Being an NPA rebel does not show a big heart for the country. It is rebellion, a felony. She is part of a terrorist organization that engages in extortion, destruction, murder, homicide and treachery. She wasted a full life and future ahead of her by joining the NPA.”

Johnnie Tanggo reacts to PhilStar describing Josephine Lapira as a “pint-sized woman with a big heart.”

“Anong big heart pinagsasabi …kung big heart sya dapat tumulong sya sa gobyerno,hindi yung kumakalaban sa gibyerno.paano tyo uunlad nyan .ganyan ang ipinaglalaban.”

Sheena D. Pros remarks:

“’Let Jo Lapira serve as an example for us to stand for our convictions, resist the state’s abuses and immerse ourselves to the masses no matter how old – for examples never die,’

Seriously?? Parang hinihikayat nyo pa ang kabataan na sumali sa armed revolutions as long as you “stand for your convictions”? This is so wrong in many levels.

How about the innocents – women and children killed randomly by NPAs? Extorted farmers and poor families. Men in uniform, killed. Kahit walang operasyon pero pag nakakakita sila ng nakauniporme, patay! Even random families/group who just happen to pass in their area, have their vehicles heavily fired on, just because they are in the wrong place and time.”

Your reaction?

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